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IOT Trainers for IOT Technician Smart Health Care Lab


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C. Instruments

1 39 Multiple Output  DC regulated power supply MULTIDCRSP100
2 40 DC Regulated Variable Programmable DC Power Supply PROGTAMRPS100
3 41 LCR meter (Digital) Handheld LCRDIGI100
4 42 70 MHz Mixed Signal Oscilloscope ( 4 Analog + 16 Digital Channel ) 70MHZCRO100
5 43 25 MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator  with Digital Display for Frequency and  Amplitude 25ARBIWG100
6 44 6 1/2 Digit Digital Multimeter 6.5DMM100
7 45 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer with built-in Tracking Generator 3GHZSA100
8 45a Electronics Workbench ELECTRWBENCH100
9 46 Multi Function Test & Measuring Tool for Field Applications and Testing compatible with Laptop MULTIFUN100

B. General Trainers

10 47 Electrical Safety Trainer ELESAFETY100
11 48 Analog Component Trainer with Seven Basic Modules ANALOG100I
12 49 Digital  IC Trainer DICDM100I
13 50 IT Workbench for computer hardware and networking ITWBENCH100
14 54 Electronic circuit simulation software with five user licenses ELECKTSIM100
15 55 Different types of electronic and electrical cables ELECPARTS100
16 56 Different types of Analog electronic components ANACOMPO100
17 57 SMD Soldering & De soldering Station with necessary accessories SMDSTATION100
18 58 SMD Technology Kit SMD100
19 59 Microcontroller Kit - 8051 with Six  Application Modules MP8051100I
21 61 Different types of electronic and electrical cables CABLES100

A. IOT Trainers

20 60 Sensor Trainer Kit IOTSENSOR100
22 62 Different Microcontroller/Processor Training and Development Platform for AVR, PIC, ARM and Arduino. MICROPRO100
23 63 Internet of Things  Explorer Trainer IOTEXPLORER100
24 64 Field Interface and Protocol Simulation Trainer FIELDPROTO100
25 65 Wireless Communication modules for interfacing with microcontrollers Trainer WLINTERFACE100
26 66M Sensors for Biomedical Application Trainer SENSBIO100
27 67M ECG cum Heart Rate Monitor Trainer ECGHRM100
28 68M 12 Lead ECG Simulator Trainer ECG12SIM100
29 69M Respiration Rate Monitor Trainer RESPRATE100
30 70M Understanding of Electro-Myograph - EMG Trainer EMG100
31 71M Patient Health Monitoring Development Platform Trainer PATIENTHLTH100
32 72M Robots used in healthcare (optional) Trainer ROBOTHEALTH100
33 73M Humanoid (optional) Trainer HUMANOID100
34 74 IoT Data Acquisition Systems & Protocol Converters Trainer IOTDATAAQ-PROTO100
35 75 IoT EDGE Computing Device Trainer IOTEDGESCADA100
36 76 Cloud Based IoT SCADA Trainer CLOUDIOTSCADA100


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