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 Computer Network Lab



Networking Hardware Trainers

Model and Specs Pdf
1 Data Communication Trainer DATACOM100
1 Advanced Data Communication Trainer DATACOM200
2 All Networking Trainer NET100
3 PAN Trainer  PAN100
4 LAN Trainer LAN100S
5 WAN Trainer WAN100
6 Internet Trainer  INTERNET100
7 VPN Trainer  VPN100
8 TCP IP Trainer  TCPIP100
9 VOIP Trainer VOIP100
10 LAN Topology Trainer LAN100S
11 Computer Hardware and Networking Trainer LAN100HN
12 All Server Trainer SERVER100
13 Video Conferencing Trainer VC100
14 Web Server Trainer WBS100N

Networking Software Simulations

1 Network and Internet Security Trainer  LANINS100
2 Computer Protocols Trainer and Analyser PROTO100
3 LAN Trainer with Simulation Software LAN100SS
4 Network Simulator Trainer - NetSim NETSIM100
5 Network Simulator Trainer - NS2 NS2100
6 Network Simulator Trainer - Packet Tracer PACKET100
7 IP Routing Trainer  IPROUTE100
8 Cryptography and the RSA Algorithm CRYPTO100
9 E-Commerce Website Design Software Trainer ECOM100


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