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Analog Communication Lab

Sr Trainer Model and Specs Pdf
AM Trainers  
1 Amplitude Modulation/Demodulation Real System Trainer


2 Amplitude Modulation/Demodulation System Trainer   COM101
3 Amplitude Modulation/Demodulation Trainer   COM101M
4 Study of AM generation & detection with Spectrum Analysis COM101N
5 Amplitude Modulation/Demodulation Trainer   COM101L
6 Amplitude Modulation Trainer COM101A-1
7 Amplitude Demodulation Trainer COM101A-2
8 Envelope Detector Trainer (Diode Detector) COM101A-2
9 AM Demodulation with AGC Facility COM101AG
10 Amplitude Modulation/Demodulation Trainer using transistor COM101T
11 Balanced Amplitude Modulation/Demodulation Trainer COM101BL
12 Balanced Amplitude Modulation (using transistor) COM101T1
13 Amplitude Modulation (Transistorised ) - Base Modulator COM101B
14 Amplitude Modulation (Transistorised ) - Emitter Modulator COM101E
15 Amplitude Modulation (Transistorised ) - Collector Modulator COM101C
16 Amplitude Modulation/Demodulation Trainer (class c Push Pull) COM101F
17 Amplitude Modulation/Demodulation Trainer (using IC 2202) COM101G
18 Calculation of signal-to-noise ratio in SSB-SC, DSB-SC, DSB with carrier COM101NZ
19 Noise calculation of square law demodulator & envelope detector. COM101NZ1
20 Amplitude Modulation/Demodulation Trainer COM101P
21 Product Modulator COM101P-1
22 Product Detector COM101P-2
23 Synchronous Detector COM101SD
24 Diode as a peak detector for A.M. & F.M. COM101PD
25 AM/DSB/SSB Trainer with builtin Spectrum analyser COM101SA
26 Square Law Modulator using FET COM101SQ
2 DSB  Trainers  
27 DSB-SC AM Modulation/Demodulation Real System Trainer COM102
28 DSB-SC AM Modulation/Demodulation Trainer COM102M
29 DSB-SC AM Modulation/Demodulation Trainer COM102L
30 DSB-SC AM Modulation/Demodulation Trainer with Spectrum Analysis COM102N
31 Balanced Modulator Using IC COM102A
32 DSB-SC Amplitude Modulation Trainer COM102A-1
33 DSB-SC Amplitude Demodulation Trainer COM102A-2
34 DSB-SC AM Modulation/Demodulation Trainer using Diode COM102D
35 Generation of DSB-SC and Costas PLL Carrier recovery COM102CL
36 DSB Modulation/demodulation using Ring Modulator COM102R
37 DSB Transmitter COM102TX
38 DSB Receiver (Suitable for above transmitter) COM102RX
3 SSB  Trainers  
39 SSB-SC Amplitude Modulation/Demodulation System Trainer COM103
40 SSB-SC Amplitude Modulation/Demodulation Trainer COM103M
41 SSB-SC Amplitude Modulation/Demodulation Trainer with Spectrum Analysis COM103N
42 SSB-SC Amplitude Modulation/Demodulation Trainer COM103L
43 SSB Modulator using Filter method COM103AF
44 SSB Modulator using Phase shift method COM103APH
45 SSB-SC Amplitude Modulation Trainer COM103A-1
46 SSB-SC Amplitude Demodulation Trainer COM103A-2
47 SSB Transmitter COM103TX
48 SSB Receiver (Suitable for above transmitter) COM103RX
49 Vestigial Side Band Modulation/Demodulation Trainer COM103V
50 DSB-SC/SSB-SC AM Generation and Detection Trainer COM102-103
4 FM Trainers  
51 Frequency Modulation/Demodulation Real System Trainer   COM104BIG
52 Frequency Modulation/Demodulation System Trainer   COM104
53 Frequency Modulation/Demodulation Trainer   COM104M
54 Frequency Modulation/Demodulation Trainer   COM104L
55 PLL FM Modulation/Demodulation Trainer COM104A
56 Frequency Modulation Trainer COM104A-1
57 Frequency Demodulation Trainer COM104A-2
58 Varicap Diode FM modulation/Demodulation Trainer          COM104B
59 Varicap Diode FM modulation COM104B-1
60 Ratio detector FM modulation/Demodulation Trainer     COM104C
61 Ratio detector FM Demodulation Trainer COM104C-2
62 Foster-Seeley FM modulation/Demodulation Trainer      COM104D
63 Foster-Seeley FM Demodulation Trainer COM104D-2
64 Direct Method of generating wide band FM sequence COM104DG
65 Resonant Phase Detector FM Modulation/Demodulation Trainer COM104E
66 Balanced Slope Detector FM Modulation/Demodulation


67 Balanced Slope Detector FM Demodulation Trainer COM104F-2
68 Dual Slope Detector COM104F-3
69 Frequency Modulation using 8038 & 566 COM104G
70 Frequency Modulation using Voltage Controlled Oscillator COM104G1
71 Reactance FM Modulation/Demodulation Trainer COM104H
72 Reactance FM Modulator COM104H-1
73 FM Demodulation using IC 565 COM104I
74 Quadrature FM Modulation/Demodulation Trainer COM104J
75 Study of FM using Armstrong Method COM104K
76 Generation of Narrow FM using BM COM104N
77 Calculation of S/N Ratio in FM demodulators COM104NZ
78 Phase Discriminator & Ratio Detector COM104R
5 Sampling  Trainers  
79 Sampling Theorem System Trainer (Sampling & Reconstruction) COM105
80 Sampling Theorem Trainer (Sampling & Reconstruction) COM105M
81 Sampling Theorem Trainer COM105L
82 Sampling & Quantification Trainer COM105Q
83 Verification of Sampling theorem using PAM technique with Spectrum Analysis COM105N
84 Analog Signal Sampling Trainer COM105A
85 Analog Signal Reconstruction Trainer COM105B
6 PAM Trainers  
86 Pulse Amplitude Modulation/Demodulation System Trainer    COM106
87 Pulse Amplitude Modulation/Demodulation Trainer    COM106M
88 Pulse Amplitude Modulation/Demodulation Trainer    COM106L
89 Pulse Amplitude Modulation Trainer COM106A-1
90 Pulse Amplitude Demodulation Trainer COM106A-2
7 PWM Trainers  
91 Pulse Width Modulation/Demodulation System Trainer        COM107
92 Pulse Width Modulation/Demodulation Trainer        COM107M
93 Pulse Width Modulation/Demodulation Trainer        COM107L
94 Pulse Width Modulator using IC 555 COM107A
95 Pulse Width Modulation Trainer COM107A-1
96 Pulse Width Demodulation Trainer COM107A-2
8 PPM Trainers  
97 Pulse Position Modulation/Demodulation System Trainer     COM108
98 Pulse Position Modulation/Demodulation Trainer     COM108M
99 Pulse Position Modulation/Demodulation Trainer     COM108L
100 Pulse Position Modulation Trainer COM108A-1
101 Pulse Position Demodulation Trainer COM108A-2
102 Pulse Position Modulator using IC 555 COM108A
103 Pulse Width & Pulse Position Modulation/Demodulation Trainer        COM107-108L
104 Pulse Position & Pulse Width Modulation COM107-8A
9 PAM-PPM-PWM Trainers  
105 PAM-PPM-PWM Modulation & Demodulation System Trainer COM208
106 PAM-PPM-PWM Modulation & Demodulation Trainer COM208M
107 PAM-PPM-PWM Modulation & Demodulation Trainer COM208L
10 TDM  
108 Time Division Multiplexing/Demultiplexing System Trainer COM109
109 Time Division Multiplexing/Demultiplexing Trainer COM109M
110 Time Division Multiplexing/Demultiplexing Trainer COM109L
111 Time Division Multiplexing Trainer COM109A
112 Time Division Demultiplexing Trainer COM109B
113 Time Division Multiplexing/Demultiplexing Trainer in  presence of Noise COM109Z
114 Four channel Analog TDM Trainer COM109S
115 4- Channel PAM TDM COM109M
116 2- Channel PAM TDM COM109-2CH
117 4 -Channel Digital TDM COM109D-4CH
118 Sampling with Multiplexing COM109MS
11 FDM Trainers  
119 Frequency Division Multiplexing/Demultiplexing Trainer          COM128
120 Frequency Division Multiplexing Trainer          COM128A
121 Frequency Division Demultiplexing Trainer          COM128B
12 AM Transmitter Trainers  
122 AM Transmitter & Receiver Trainer                  COM123
123 AM Transmitter Trainer COM123A
124 AM Receiver Trainer COM123B
125 AM Transmitter Trainer COM123N-TX
126 AM Receiver Trainer COM123N-RX
 13 FM Transmitter Trainers  
127 FM Transmitter & Receiver Trainer                  COM124
128 FM Transmitter Trainer COM124A
129 FM Receiver Trainer COM124B
130 FM Transmitter Trainer COM124N-TX
131 FM Transmitter Trainer with Igen Value demonstration COM124NTXI
132 FM Receiver Trainer COM124N-RX
133 AM & FM Voice System Trainer in DIY Kit Form AMFM100N
134 AM Voice System in DIY Kit AM100N
135 FM Voice System in DIY Kit FM100N
136 Stereo FM Transmitter & Receiver Trainer                  AMFM100S
14 PM Trainers  
137 Phase Modulation/Demodulation Trainer COM129L
138 Phase Modulation Trainer   COM129A
139 Phase Demodulation Trainer   COM129B
15 Analog Communication Lab - Equivalent to other Manufacturers  
140 DSB/SSB AM Transmitter Trainer COM411
141 DSB/SSB AM Transmitter Trainer COM411L
142 DSB/SSB AM Transmitter Trainer COM411S
143 DSB-SC/SSB-SC AM Generation Trainer COM411N
144 DSB/SSB AM Receiver Trainer COM412
145 DSB/SSB AM Receiver Trainer COM412L
146 DSB/SSB AM Receiver Trainer COM412S
147 DSB-SC/SSB-SC AM Detection Trainer COM412N
148 FM Transmitter Receiver Trainer COM413
149 FM Transmitter Receiver Trainer COM413S
150 Study of FM generation & detection (using ratio detector) COM413N
151 Study of FM generation & detection (using ratio detector) COM413NW
152 FM Generation & Detection using PLL Detector COM413NW1
153 FM Modulation Transmitter Trainer COM413A
154 FM Demodulation Receiver Trainer COM413B
155 Analog Communication Trainer ACS100
156 AM Communication Trainer AMCOM100
157 FM Communication Trainer FMCOM100
158 AM FM Communication System Trainer AMFM100
159 Noise Audio-Amplifier Trainer NOAMP100
160 Signal and System Hightech Trainer HT12001E
161 Modern Communication Hightech Trainer HT11805B
16 MATLAB Simulation of Analog Communication  
162 AM Matlab Simulation COM101SIM
163 DSB-SC AM Matlab Simulation COM102SIM
164 SSB-SC AM Matlab Simulation COM103SIM
165 FM Matlab Simulation COM104SIM
166 Sampling Theorem Matlab Simulation COM105SIM
167 PAM Matlab Simulation COM106SIM
168 PWM Matlab Simulation COM107SIM
169 PPM Matlab Simulation COM108SIM
170 TDM Matlab Simulation COM109SIM
171 FDM Matlab Simulation COM128SIM
172 Simulation of Digital Communication systems using MATLAB DCOM100SM
17 Simulation Software for Analog Communication  
173 Analog Communication Simulation Software ACOM100SW
18 Basic Module Trainers  
174 Audio Frequency generator AF100
175 R.F.  Frequency generator Trainer                   RF100
176 Sampling clock - Pulse generator Trainer            PG100
177 Stabilized oscillator Trainer                       SOSC100
178 Audio amplifier Trainer                             AA100
179 Mixer Trainer                                  MIXER100
180 Mixer Trainer using JFET                                  MIXER100J
181 Phase splitter Trainer                              PHSPLT100
182 Quadrature phase splitter QPHSPLT100
183 Tuned circuit Trainer                               TC100
184 Integrator Trainer                                  INTI100
185 Comparator Trainer                                  COMPRT100
186 Multiplier Trainer                                  MLTPLR100
187 Sample & Hold circuit Trainer                       SAMP100
188 Sample & Hold circuit with Analog and MOSFET Switch Trainer                       SAMP100A
189 Study of Sampling Gates SAMP100B
190 Voltage Controlled Oscillator (V.C.O.) Trainer      VCO100
191 Automatic gain control (A.G.C.) Trainer             AGC100
192 Automatic frequency control (A.F.C.) Trainer        AFC100
193 Tunable low pass filter TLPF100
194 Integrate & dump filter IDUMP100
195 Phase Lock Loop (PLL.) Trainer                    PLL100
196 Pre-emphasis & De-emphasis Trainer                  PREAM100
197 Pre-emphasis Trainer PRE100
198 De-emphasis Trainer DE100
199 Companding Trainer                                  COMPND100
200 Analog switches Trainer                             AS100
201 Delay line Trainer                                  DL100
202 Analog to digital / Digital to analog converter Trainer ADCDAC100
203 Analog To Analog Converter AACONV100
204 Analog To Digital Converter ADC100
205 Digital To Analog Converter DAC100
206 Digital To Digital Converter DDCONV100
207 Data (code) Generator Trainer DATAG100
208 Noise Generator Trainer NOISE100
209 Gaussian noise generator Trainer                    GNG100
210 Pink noise generator Trainer                         PNG100
211 Effect of Noise on data transmission & Compensation methods  Trainer NO101
212 Function Generator  Trainer FG100
213 Sine/square Generator  Trainer SINSQDM100
214 Audio/Video Mixer Trainer RFCONV100
215 Measurement of SNR of a RF amplifier. SNRRF100
216 Uni Motion selector Trainer UNISEL100
217 Two motion Selector Trainer TWOMO100
218 Morse Code Trainer MORSE100T
219 Morse Code Sender & Receiver Trainer MORSE100
220 Amplitude Limiter Trainer AMPLIM100
221 Frequency dividing network FRED100
222 Class C Single Tuned amplifier AMP29C
223 PLL Matlab Simulation PLL100SIM
224 A to D and D to A Matlab Simulation ADCDAC100SIM
19 Analog Communication Lab - For Pune Syllabus - Old Lab  
225 Fourier Analysis Trainer for Sine /Square/ Triangle Wave Signals COM118N
226 Study of AM generation & detection (using diode detector) COM101N
227 Study of FM generation & detection (using ratio detector) COM413N
228 AM Transmitter Trainer COM123N
229 FM Transmitter Trainer COM124N
230 Superheterodyne Radio Receiver Trainer RDM100N
231 DSB-SC/SSB-SC AM Generation Trainer COM411N
232 DSB-SC/SSB-SC AM Detection Trainer COM412N
233 Antenna Trainer with 2 Antennas ANT101N
20 Analog Communication Lab - For Pune Syllabus - with Spectrum Analysis  
234 Class C Single Tuned amplifier AMP29N
235 Amplitude Modulation/Demodulation Trainer COM101N
236 AM Transmitter Trainer COM123NTX
237 FM Generation & Detection using PLL Detector COM413NW1
238 FM Transmitter Trainer COM124NTXI
239 Sensitivity, Selectivity, Fidelity of a Communication Receiver RDM100N
240 DSB-SC AM Modulation/Demodulation Trainer COM102N
241 SSB-SC Amplitude Modulation/Demodulation Trainer COM103N
242 AM & FM Voice System Trainer in DIY Kit Form AMFM100N
243 Verification of Sampling theorem using PAM technique COM105N



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