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IOT Trainers for Smart City Technician Lab

 Sr Tender
1 50 IT Workbench for Computer Hardware and Networking ITWBENCH100
2 60 Sensor Trainer Kit Containing following Sensors IOTSENSOR100
3 62 Different Microcontroller/Processor Training and Development Platform for AVR, PIC, ARM and Arduino. MICROPRO100
4 63 Internet of Things Explorer IOTEXPLORER100
5 64 Field Interface and Protocol Simulation Kit FIELDPROTO100
6 67 Wireless Communication modules for interfacing with microcontrollers WLINTERFACE100
7 68 Sensors for Smart Environment Application SMARTENVIRON100
8 69 Sensors for Smart Parking SMARTPARKIOT100
9 70 Sensors for Smart Water & Waste water Management & Monitoring WASTEIOT100
10 71 Weather Monitoring System WEATHERIOT100
11 72 Smart Solar Street Lighting Training Platform SOLARSTREETIOT100
12 73 IoT based Smart Streetlight System SMARTSTREETIOT100
13 74 Smart Transportation Monitoring System SMARTTRANSPORTIOT100
14 75 Sensors for Smart Building SMARTBUILDIOT100
15 76 IoT Data Acquisition Systems & Protocol Converters IOTDATAAQ-PROTO100
16 77 IoT EDGE Computing Device - Embedded  SCADA IOTEDGESCADA100
17 78 Cloud Based IoT SCADA CLOUDIOTSCADA100

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