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Advanced Digital and Data Communication Lab

 1 DPCM Trainers Pdf Specs  
1 Differential PCM system Trainer (DPCM) DPCM100  
2 DPCM and ADPCM Modulation/Demodulation Trainer DPCM100F  
3 Adaptive Differential PCM Trainer (ADPCM) ADPCM100  
2 CVSD Trainer    
4 CVSD Trainer CVSD100  
5 Binary PSK Trainer (BPSK) BPSK100  
6 Binary PSK Trainer (BPSK) BPSK100L  
7 Differential PSK Trainer (DPSK) DPSK100  
8 DPSK Modulation Demodulation Trainer DPSK100L  
9 Differential Encoded PSK Trainer (DEPSK) DEPSK100  
10 BPSK / DPSK and DEPSK Modulation/Demodulation Trainer COM116BDE  
11 8-PSK Modulation/Demodulation Trainer PSK100-8  
12 QPSK & DQPSK Modulation Trainer COM117FM  
13 QPSK & DQPSK Demodulation Trainer COM117FD  
4 MSK Trainers    
14 Minimum Shift Keying Trainer (MSK) MSK100  
15 Continuous Phase PSK (CPPSK) CPPSK100  
16 Continuous Phase PSK (CPPSK) GMSK100  
5 QAM Trainers    
17 Quadrature Amplitude Modulation /Demodulation (QAM) Trainer QAM100  
18 QAM Trainer QAM100L  
19 Quadrature Amplitude Modulator Trainer QAM100A  
20 Quadrature Amplitude Demodulation Trainer QAM100B  
21 Measurement of Bandwidth Efficiency of QAM QAM100N  
22 8-QAM Modulation/Demodulation Trainer QAM100K  
23 8-QAM Modulation/Demodulation Trainer - Low Cost QAM100KL  
24 16-QAM Modulation/Demodulation Trainer QAM100-16  
25 QAM/DQAM Modulation Trainer QAM100FM  
26 QAM/DQAM Demodulation Trainer QAM100FD  
27 Quadrature Amplitude Shift Keying QASK100  
6 TCM Trainers    
28 Trellis Code Modulation Trainer TCM100  
7 Noise Trainers    
29 Noise Generation and Matched Filter Trainer COM120  
30 Noise Generation and Matched Filter Trainer COM120N  
31 Noise Generation and Matched Filter Trainer COM120L  
32 Noise Generation Techniques - Trainer COM120A  
33 Noise Generation and Measurement of Noise Figure Trainer COM120GM  
34 Measurement of Noise Figure ( NF ) COM120NF  
35 Noise Measurement Trainer COM120NM  
36 Noise limiter Circuit COM120LM  
37 Noise Power Spectral Density Trainer COM120SD  
38 Measurement Harmonic Distortion (HD) COM120HD  
39 Measurement of Inter Modulation Distortion (IMD) COM120IMD  
8 Error Trainers    
40 Error detection and correction Trainer using Hamming Code COM121  
41 Error Detecting & Correcting Codes COM121L  
42 Error Detection and Correction-Cyclic Code Trainer COM121S  
43 Error detection & correction using Parity bits Trainer COM121P  
9 Line Coding  Trainers    
44 Digital Line Coding-Decoding Trainer COM122  
45 Digital Line Coding-Decoding Trainer - Low Cost COM122L  
46 Study of Line Coding and Decoding & their Spectral Analysis COM122N  
47 Study of Line Codes & their Spectral Analysis - Low Cost COM122NL  
48 Digital Line Coding-Decoding Trainer ((NRZ-L,NRZ-M,NRZ-S) COM122B  
49 Digital Line Coding-Decoding Trainer (NRZ-L) COM122C  
50 Bipolar Transmission Trainer COM122D  
51 Manchester Coding Trainer COM122M  
52 Manchester Coading & Decoding using Optical Link COM122MF  
53 Differential Manchester coding decoding Trainer COM122DM  
54 Coding for serial transmission COM122SR  
55 Duo binary coder DUOCODE100  
56 Data Clock Regeneration (from NRZ and Bi-Phase Data) Trainer DCKGEN100  
57 Carrier clock recovery using PLL and Costas loop Trainer CKGEN100  
10 CRC Trainers    
58 CRC Coding Decoding Trainer CRC100  
59 Vertical Redundancy Check (VRC) Coding & Decoding VRC100  
60 Longitudinal Redundancy Check (LRC) Coding & Decoding LRC100  
61 Measurement of Coding Gain CODE100  
11 Block and Convolution Coding Trainers    
62 Hoffman Coding Decoding Trainer HOOF100  
63 LP (Linear Predictive) coding Trainer LPC100  
64 Reed Solomon Encoder/Decoder Trainer RSOLO100  
65 Convolution Encoder/Decoder Trainer- Viterbi Encoder/Decoder CONVO100  
66 BCH code Encoder/Decoder Trainer BCH100  
67 Linear Block Code Coding Decoding Trainer BLOCK100  
68 Walse Code Trainer WALSE100  
69 Golay code Encoder/Decoder Trainer GOLAY100  
70 Syndrome Encoder Decoder Trainer SYNDROM100  
71 Lempel Ziv Coding LEMZIV100  
72 DTMF Encoding Decoding Trainer DTMF100  
73 HDB3 Coding Decoding Trainer HDB3-100  
74 Study of Framing and Marker With Voice Coding Trainer FRCODING100  
12 M'ary  Shift Keying Trainers    
75 Study Of Equalizer’s Performance Parameters EQ100  
76 M-array PAM MPAM100  
77 M-array ASK MASK100  
78 M-array PSK MPSK100  
79 M-array QPSK MQPSK100  
 13 PRBS Trainers    
80 PRBS Code (Noise) generators Trainer                        PRBS100  
81 15 Bit PN Sequence Generator PRBS101  
82 PRBS generator with Gaussian Noise Trainer                        PRBS100Z  
83 Pseudo Random Code Generator with CRT Display  Trainer PRBS200  
84 Pseudo Random Number Generator PRBS111  
85 PN Sequence Generator & Detector Trainer PRBS201  
14 Spectrum Analyser Trainers    
86 Spectrum Analyzer Trainer SA100  
87 Spectrum Application Demonstrator Trainer SA100S  
15 Fourier Trainers    
88 Harmonic Analyzer & Fourier Demonstration Trainer COM118  
89 Fourier Synthesis Trainer COM118S  
90 Fourier Analysis Trainer for Sine /Square/ Triangle Wave Signals COM118N  
16 Bit Error Trainers    
91 Error Probability Trainer ERRPRB100  
92 Error Probability Trainer ERRPRB100L  
93 Bit Error Rate Measurement Trainer BITERR100  
17 Eye Diagram  Trainers    
94 Eye Diagram Trainer EYE100  
95 Eye Diagram Trainer EYE100L  
18 DSSS Trainers    
96 Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Mod /Demod Trainer (DSSS)   DSSS100  
97 Voice Communication using DSSS DSSS100V  
19 FHSS Trainers    
100 Frequency Hoping Spread Spectrum Mod. /demod Trainer (FHSS) FHSS100  
101 Spreading & Despreading using Additive White Gaussian Noise Generator COM1023  
20 CDMA-FDMA-TDMA-OFDM Trainers    
102 Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA-DSSS) Trainer –Low cost CDMA100L  
103 CDMA Trainer       CDMA1002U  
104 FDMA Trainer FDMA100  
105 TDMA Trainer TDMA100  
106 SDMA Trainer SDMA100  
107 OFDM Trainer OFDM100  
108 OFDMA Trainer OFDMA100  
109 MIMO Trainer MIMO100  
21 Speech Trainers    
110 Entropy Trainer ENTROPY100  
111 Digitization of Speech SPDIGI100  
112 Study of Stochastic Process STOCH100  
22 Baseband Trainers    
113 Base Band Transmitter Training System BBTX100  
114 Baseband Transmitter Training System BBTX100-L  
115 Baseband Communication Trainer BBCOM100  
23 Other Trainers    
116 Data transmission and reception through digital channel DTXRX100  
117 Serial data Transmission & reception Trainer DTXRX100  
116 Cryptography Trainer CRYPTO100  
117 Multiplexing & aliasing Trainer MUX100  
118 Group Delay in Communication Channel-Trainer GDL100  
119 PDF (Probability density function) Trainer PDF100  
120 Inter Symbol Interface Trainer ISI100  
121 Computer Based Data Acquisition and Instrumentation System ELAB80  
122 Demonstration of Serial data Transmission & reception SR101  
123 Realization of Discrete Transfer Function DTRA100  
124 Advanced Digital Communication Trainer ADCS100  
24  MATLAB Simulation of Advance Digital Communication    
125 DPCM Matlab Simulation DPCM100SIM  
126 DPSK Matlab Simulation DPSK100SIM  
127 QAM Matlab Simulation QAM100SIM  
128 DSSS Matlab Simulation DSS100SIM  
129 EYE Diagram Matlab Simulation EYE100SIM  
130 Digital Line Coding Decoding Matlab Simulation COM122SIM  
131 Noise Generation and Matched Filter Matlab Simulation COM120SIM  
132 Harmonic Analyzer & Fourier series Matlab Simulation COM118SIM  
133 OFDM Matlab Simulation OFDM100SIM  
134 Simulation of Transmission through a Rayleigh Fading Channel REYLEIGH100  
135 M'ary Systems Matlab Simulation MARY100SIM  
25 Advanced Digital Communication Lab  For Pune Syllabus    
136 Determination of Look Angles for Satellite Antenna at a given site SATCOM201  
137 Determination of Radiation Pattern of Antenna ANT100N  
138 Determination of S/N ratio for Analogue Satellite Receiving systems at Baseband DISHDM200  
139 Determination of BER for VSAT VSAT101  
140 Programme for Simulation of satellite link design using Matlab MATLAB101  
141 WDM Trainer with Two Power sources and Two Power meters WDM100  
142 DWDM Trainer with Two Power sources and Two Power meters DWDM100  
143 Power Budget Presentation for basic Optical Network using Optisim OPT101  
144 Study of Optical sensors OPTSEN100  
145 Optical Network Trainer OPTNET100  

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