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Antennas and Wave Propagation Lab

1 Antennas Trainers Pdf Specs  
1 Antenna Trainer - VHF - 20 Antenna ANT100  
2 Antenna Trainer - VHF  - 2 Antenna ANT101N  
3 Antenna Trainer - UHF - 20 Antenna                                   ANT100G  
4 Antenna Trainer - UHF - 10 Antenna                                  ANT100GL     
5 Antenna Design Software ANTSW100  
6 Antenna Trainer with motorized rotating unit ANT200S  
7 Wave and Antenna Training System MW2002  
8 Smart Antennas Trainer SANT100  
9 Determination of Radiation Pattern of Antenna ANT101N  
10 To study YAGI-UDA 7 dipole antenna and to plot its radiation. YAGI100  
11 Transmission line Trainer                          TRL100  
12 Transmission line Trainer                          TRL100S  
13 Transmission line (Simulated) Trainer TRL200       
14 LC transmission line - 20 sections TRL101  
15 LC transmission line - 48 sections TRL102  
16 Effect of Line resistance and capacitance on simulated Transmission Line TRL103  
17 Transmission Channel Simulator TRCH100  
18 Coax Transmission Line Trainer COAXTRL100  
19 Cable Pair Transmission Line Trainer PAIRTRL100  
20 Measurement of VSWR and effect and effect of terminating VSWR100  
21 Impendence on VSWR for a transmission line and evaluation of reflection coefficient. VSWR101  
22 Electromagnetic Trainer EM100  
23 Channel Mixer Amplifier Trainer CHMIX100  
24 Channel Modulator Trainer CHMOD100  
25 Channel Equilisers and Attenuator Trainer CHEQ100  
26 Field Strength Meter Trainer FSM100  
27 Wave & Propagation Trainer WAVEP100  
28 Wave and Antenna Training System MW2002  

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