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Audio Engineering Lab

1 Radio Trainers Pdf Specs
1 Medium Wave AM Radio Trainer with Fault Switches RDM100M  
2 2 Band Radio Trainer RDM104  
3 3 Band AM Radio Receiver Trainer   RDM100  
4 3 Band Digital Radio Trainer RDM100D  
5 10 Band Digital Radio Trainer RDM1000  
6 IC Based AM Radio Receiver Trainer             RDM101  
7 Superhetrodyne AM Radio Trainer RDM100S  
8 Superhetrodyne AM Radio Receiver Trainer  - Sensitivity, Selectivity, Fidelity Test RDM100N  
9 Noise Figure Measurement of Superhetrodyne Receiver RDM100NG  
10 FM Radio Trainer                              RDM103  
11 Superhetrodyne FM Radio Trainer RDM103M    
12 Superhetrodyne FM Radio Trainer  - Sensitivity, Selectivity, Fidelity Test RDM103S  
13 Stereo FM Radio Trainer RDM200  
14 AM/FM Radio Trainer RDM102AMFM  
15 3 Band MW/SW/FM Radio Receiver Trainer             RDM102  
16 Communication Receiver Trainer                   COMRX100  
17 TRF (Tune Radio Frequency) Receiver Trainer TRF100  
18 Electronically tuned Receiver Trainer ETRF100  
19 Digital Satellite Radio Trainer DSR100  
20 Mobile Radio Trainer MBR100  
21 Software Defined Radio (SDR) Trainer SDR100  
22 Digital Satellite Radio Trainer DSR100N  
2 Tape - Stereo Trainers    
23 Tape Recorder Trainer TDM100  
24 Two-in-one Trainer                                 RTDM100  
25 Stereo Cassette Player Trainer STRDM100  
26 Stereo Tape Recorder Trainer TDM100S  
27 Stereo Cassette Player Trainer with graphic equalizer STRDM101  
28 Car Stereo Player (Auto Reverse) Trainer         STRDM102  
29 Car Two-In-One Trainer     STRDM103  
30 Fm Stereo Coding-Decoding Trainer STRCOD100  
31 Walkman Stereo Player Trainer STRDM104  
32 Stereo Music System Trainer  (Five-in-one) STRDM300  
33 Hi-Fi Audio Amplifier Trainer HIFIAMP100  
3 Audio Players Trainers    
34 Graphic Recorder GRF100  
35 Audio CD player Trainer          ACD100  
36 Car CD player Trainer          CARCD100  
37 Walkman CD Player Trainer WALKCD100  
38 Cassette to MP3 Converter Trainer CASMP3100  
4 PA Trainers    
39 PA System Trainer                                 PADM100  
40 Cordless Mike PA system Trainer PADM101   
5 Intercom Trainers    
41 Intercom Trainer                                   ICOM100  
42 FM Intercom Trainer FICOM100  
43 FM Wireless mike Trainer FICOM101  
6 Audio Trainers    
44 Microphones Trainer                MC100  
45 Loudspeaker Trainer                LS100  
46 Microphones and Loudspeaker Trainer                MCLS100  
47 Wacky Talky Trainer WAKTAK100  
48 Dictaphone Trainer DICTA100  
49 Synthesizer Trainer SYNTH100  
50 IP Audio Trainer IPAUDIO100  
7 Modules    
51 Radio Mixer Section                              AD101  
52 BJT Mixer Trainer AD101A  
53 Radio IF Amplifier Section                         AD102  
54 Effect of -ve Feedback on Mixer & IF section       AD103  
55 Frequency Selective Network                        AD104  
56 Audio Analyzer                                     AD105  
57 Sound Level Indicator                              AD106  
58 Automatic Gain Control (A.G.C.)                    AD107  
59 Pre-emphasis &. De-emphasis Circuit                                AD108  
60 Tone Control (Bass and Treble)                    AD109  
61 Cross-over Frequency Network for Loudspeaker       AD110  
62 Audio Mixer                                        AD111  
63 Graphic Equalizer Trainer AD112  
64 FET 4 Input Mixer AD113  
65 R.F Amplifier For A.M Receiver AD114  

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