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Automobile and Mechatronics Lab

  Automobile and Mechatronics Trainers Pdf Specs  
1 Electronic Ignition Trainer for Automobile IGNI100  
2 Car Theft Alarm Trainer CARAL100  
3 Remote Car Door Opening Circuit Trainer REMOTEGT100  
4 Auto Electronics Trainer AUTO100  
5 Study of Car-lock system ECARLK100  
6 Flexible Production Line Experiment System  Hightech Trainer HT36802D  
7 Industrial Manipulator HT36803A  
8 Industrial Manipulator HT36803B  
9 Two-Dimensional Motion Control Hightech Trainer HT36805A1  
10 Three-Dimensional Motion Control Hightech Trainer HT36805B1  
11 Material Sorting Hightech Trainer HT36806A1  
12 Multi-storey Elevator Hightech Trainer HT36807A1  
13 Stereoscopic Warehouse Hightech Trainer HT36808A1  
14 Three-Dimensional Garage Hightech Trainer HT36808B1  
15 Mechatronics Comprehensive Experiment Table HT36809A1  
16 Mechanical and Electronic Integration Experiment Table HT36809B1  
17 Mechanical, Electronic Integration Production Line Dismounting & Debugging Table HT36809D1  

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