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Basic Electronics Lab - Amplifiers Trainers

  Amplifiers Trainers Pdf Specs
1 Common Emitter (CE) Amplifier                    AMP01
2 Common Base (CB) Amplifier                       AMP02
3 Common collector (CC) Amplifier-Emitter follower AMP03
4 CE, CB & CC Amplifiers                           AMP04
5 Two stage Direct Coupled Amplifier               AMP05
6 Two stage transformer Coupled Amplifier          AMP06
7 Single Stage Transformer Coupled Amplifier AMP06A
8 Two stage LC coupled amplifier AMP06B
9 Two Stage R-C Coupled Transistor Amplifier       AMP07
10 Single stage RC coupled Transistor Amplifier AMP07A
11 Cascade Amplifier                                AMP08
12 Cascode Amplifier                                AMP09
13 Complimentary Symmetry Power Amplifier           AMP10
14 Darlington Transistor Amplifier                 AMP11
15 Differential Amplifier                           AMP12
16 Negative Feedback Amplifier AMP13
17 Voltage series feedback amplifier AMP13A
18 Current series feedback amplifier AMP13B
19 Voltage shunt feedback amplifier AMP13C
20 Current shunt feedback amplifier AMP13D
21 Negative Feedback Amplifier (Voltage series & shunt) AMP13AC
22 Negative Feedback Amplifier (Current series & shunt) AMP13BD
23 Voltage & Current -Series feedback amplifiers AMP13AB
24 Voltage & Current -Shunt feedback amplifiers AMP13CD
25 Transistor Feed Back Amplifier                   AMP14
26 Feedback Amplifier (4 Types - Using Transistors) AMP14A
27 Feedback Amplifier (4 Types - Using FETs) AMP14B
28 Current Amplifier                                AMP15
29 Class  'A' Power Amplifier - with R Load                AMP16
30 Class  'A' Power Amplifier - with LS Load                                   AMP16LS
31 Class  'B' Power Amplifier - with R Load                       AMP17
32 Class  'B' Power Amplifier - with LS Load                         AMP17LS
33 Class  'A' and 'B' Power Amplifier - with LS Load                         AMP16-17
34 Class  'C' Power Amplifier - with R Load                      AMP18
35 Class B Push Pull Amplifier                      AMP19
36 Audio Amplifier using transistor                 AMP20
37 Audio Amplifier using IC 810                     AMP21
38 Audio Amplifier using LM 380                     AMP22
39 Narrow Band Amplifier                            AMP23
40 Wide Band Amplifier                              AMP24
41 I.F. Amplifier.                                  AMP25
42 I.F. Amplifier using IC 3028 AMP25A
43 R.F. Amplifier                                   AMP26
44 High Frequency Amplifier                         AMP27
45 High Frequency Common Base (CB) Amplifier AMP27A
46 High Frequency Common Gate  Amplifier AMP27B
47 Video Amplifier                                  AMP28
48 Single Tuned RF Amplifier                        AMP29
49 Tuned Amplifier and construction of Oscillator AMP29A
50 AF Tuned Voltage Amplifier AMP29B
51 Class C Tuned Amplifier AMP29C
52 Tuned RF Amplifier Using FET AMP29D
53 Double Tuned RF Amplifier                        AMP30
54 Single & Double Tuned RF Amplifier AMP29-30
55 Stagger Tuned Amplifier AMP30A
56 DC amplifier                                     AMP31
57 FET Amplifier AMP32
58 Single stage RC coupled FET amplifier AMP32A
59 Two Stage R-C Coupled Amplifier using FET AMP32B
60 Common Source (CS) Amplifier AMP32C
61 Common Drain (CD) Amplifier AMP32D
62 FET as Source Follower Amplifier AMP32E
63 JFET as Amplifier AMP32J
64 MOSFET Amplifier                                AMP33
65 Chopper Amplifier                                AMP34
66 Transistor Biasing Methods                       AMP35
67 Biasing of Transistor in Class 'A' Amplifier AMP35A
68 Direct Coupled (Emitter Coupled) Amplifier       AMP36
69 Single Ended Amplifier AMP37
70 FET Biasing Methods                           AMP38
71 JFET Biasing Methods AMP38A
72 Hybrid (h) Parameter of Transistor             AMP39
73 Thermal Stability of Transistor                  AMP40
74 Telephone Pickup Amplifier                       AMP41
75 Transistor Curve Tracer                          AMP42
76 Transistor R-C Time Delay relay circuit          AMP43
77 Switched Capacitor amplifier                     AMP44
78 Transistor as a switch AMP45
79 FET as a switch AMP46
80 E- MOSFET as switch AMP46A
81 Triac as a Switch AMP46B
82 Current amplification factor of a transistor AMP47
83 Squelch Circuit for AM radio receiver AMP48
84 Multistage Amplifiers - CE, CB & Darlington AMP49
85 Single Stage Transistor  CE Amplifier AMP50
86 CE Transistor Followed by CC Stage AMP01-03
87 Class A, B and Class AB Amplifier AMP51
88 Class AB Amplifier AMP51A
89 Class A, B, AB and Class C Amplifier AMP51B
90 Study of Different Type of Pre - Amplifier AMP52
91 Transistor with Inductive & capacitive Load AMP53
92 Phase Inverter Amplifier AMP54
93 Double MOSFET Amplifier AMP55
94 LED as pilot indicator driven by BJT switch AMP56
95 AF/RF Amplifier AMP57
96 Pulse Amplifier Trainer AMP58
97 Transistor inverter in relay & LED application. AMP59
98 Emitter Follower Amplifier using Darlington pairs transistors AMP60
99 Transistor Amplifier With Simple Forward and Reverse AGC AMP61
100 Square wave Testing Amplifier (using Transistor) AMP62
101 BJT Trainer AMP63
102 Transistor Drive circuit AMP64
103 Power and Differential Amplifier Trainer AMP65
104 BJT Amplifiers and Emitter Follower Trainer AMP66
105 Transistor Amplifier Trainer AMPDM100
106 Amplifier Lab Trainer with Power supply (with Bread board) AMP100M
107 Amplifier Lab Trainer with Power supply (with Bread board, FG and Meters) AMP100MFG

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