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Basic Electronics Lab - Clipping and Clamping and LCR Circuits Trainers

  Clipping and Clamping Trainers Pdf Specs
1 Differentiating & Integrating Circuit using diode   BA01
2 R-C Integrator Circuit BA01A
3 R-C Differential Circuit BA01B
4 Clipping Circuits & Clamping Circuits using diodes BA02
5 Clipping Circuit BA02A
6 Clamping Circuit BA02B
7 Transistor Clipping Circuit BA02C
8 Transistor Clamper Circuit BA02D
9 Diode as Linear Wave shaping circuit Trainer BA03
1 Miller Sweep Integrator                          BA04
2 Boot Strap Integrator                            BA05
3 Switched Capacitor Integrator                    BA06
  L-C-R Circuits and 1st and 2nd Orders Systems  
1 R-C Circuits and Time Constant                   BA07
2 Low Pass Filter C-R Circuit BA07A
3 High Pass Filter C-R Circuit BA07B
4 R-C and R-L circuits BA09
5 R-L Series Circuits BA09C
6 R-C Series Circuits BA09D
7 Study of L-R circuits with a source of alternating EMF BA09E
8 To measure voltage, current & power in R-L series circuit BA09F
9 Transient Response in R-L & R-C Network BA31
10 Transient Response of RC circuit BA31A
11 Transient Response of RL circuit BA31B
12 Transient Response of LC circuit BA31C
13 Transient Response of RLC Circuit BA31D
14 Measurement of power and power factor of L-R circuits BA09A        
15 Measurement of power and power factor of L-C-R circuits BA09B      
16 Study of L-C-R circuits with an AC source BA09C        
17 Determination of impedance of R-C circuits BA09D       
18 Phase Difference in L-C-R circuits               BA10      
19 Impedance and power factor of LCR circuits BA34
20 Locus Diagrams of RL and RC Series Circuits BA75
21 Study of L-C circuit with a source of Alternating EMF BA48A
22 Determination of Performance of R-L-C Series BA08MA
23 R-L-C Circuits Trainer                                  RLC100
  Resonance Trainers  
1 Series Resonance                                 BA12
2 To determine frequency of a.c. emf by series resonance circuit BA12A         
3 Parallel Resonance                               BA13
4 To determine frequency of a.c. emf by parallel resonance circuit BA13A         
5 Series and Parallel Resonance                    BA14
  1st and 2nd Orders Systems Trainers  
1 Step response of First order R-C circuit BA81
2 Step response of First order R-L circuit BA82
3 Step Response for First order R-C, R-L circuit BA11A
4 Step response of Second order RLC circuit BA11B       
5 Transient response of First order network BA11C        
6 Transient response of 2nd order network BA11D        
7 Time response of First order system -  RL and RC BA84A
8 Time response of Second order system -  RLC BA85A
9 Frequency response of First order circuit -  RL and RC BA84B
10 Frequency response of Second order circuit -  RLC BA85B
11 Time Response ( I, II, III Order) BA88

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