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Basic Electronics Lab - Display Boards

  Display Boards Pdf Specs
1 Resistors/Pots/Presets Display Board      DB101
2 Resistors Display Board DB101A
3 Potentiometers Display Board DB101B
4 Presets Display Board      DB101C
5 Pots/Presets Display Board      DB101D
6 Capacitors Display Board DB102
7 Coils / Inductors Display Board                     DB103
8 Connectors Display Board           DB104
9 Wires and Cables Display Board   - 24 No. DB105
10 Sockets Display Board                        DB106
11 Switches Display Board                      DB107
12 Mechanical Parts Display Board               DB108
13 Relays Display Board                         DB109
14 Transformers Display Board - 14 No.                 DB110
15 Diodes Display Board - 23 No.                         DB111
16 Transistors Display Board - 24 No.                                     DB112
17 Knobs and Fuses Display Board DB113
18 Fuses  Display Board DB113B
19 Semi Conductor Devices Display Board      DB114
20 Surface Mount Devices (SMD) Display Board  - 18 No. DB115
21 OPTO Devices Display Board DB116
22 Band Switch Display Board DB117
23 Stamping Bobbin Display Board DB118
24 Hardware  Display Board - Bolt, Nut, Screw, Washer DB119
25 IC's Display Board DB120
26 PCB Display Board DB121
27 Lamps Display Board DB122
28 Component Packages Display Board DB127

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