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Basic Electronics Lab - Generators Trainers

  Generators Trainers Pdf Specs
1 Sine wave generator                              SG01
2 Square wave generator                            SG02
3 Pulse generator                 SG03
4 Ramp wave generator                              SG04
5 Tri-angle wave generator                         SG05 
6 Square & Triangle wave generator with Positive and Negative Feedback SG05A
7 Saw tooth signal generator using UJT        SG06
8 Staircase Generator                              SG07
9 Puckle's Sweep Generator                         SG08
10 Boot Strap Sweep Generator                      SG09
11 Tone Burst Generator                             SG10
12 Sine-Square generator                            SG11           
13 Function (Waveform) Generator using IC-566       SG12
14 Function (Waveform) Generator using IC XR2206  SG13
15 Function (Waveform) Generator using IC 8038      SG14
16 Waveform generation using IC 741 SG14A
17 Gaussian Noise generator                         SG15 
18 Pink Noise generator                             SG16
19 P.R.B.S. Noise generator                         SG17
20 UJT Time base Generator SG28
21 Voltage Time Base Generator SG29
22 Current Time Base Generator SG30
23 Miller Sweep Generator SG32
24 Three Phase Signal generator  (R-Y-B) SG33
25 Square wave generator using Schmitt trigger inverter SG34

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