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Basic Electronics Lab - Ready to Use Small Boards

  Ready to Use Boards for Analog Lab Pdf Specs
1 Diode Characteristics (Si, Zener, LED) AB-01
2 Transistor characteristics (CB NPN) AB-02
3 Transistor characteristics (CB PNP) AB-03
4 Transistor characteristics (CE NPN) AB-04
5 Transistor characteristics (CE PNP) AB-05
6 Transistor characteristics (CC NPN) AB-06
7 Transistor characteristics (CC PNP) AB-07
8 FET characteristics AB-08
9 Rectifier circuits AB-09
10 Whetstone’s bridge AB-10
11 Maxwell’s capacitance bridge AB-11
12 De-Sauty’s bridge AB-12
13 Schering bridge AB-13
14 Darlington Pair AB-14
15 Common Emitter Amplifier AB-15
16 Common Collector Amplifier AB-16
17 Common Base Amplifier AB-17
18 RC coupled Amplifier AB-18
19 Cascode amplifier AB-19
20 DC  Amplifier AB-20
21 Class A Amplifier AB-21
22 Class B Amplifier AB-22
23 Class C RF tuned Amplifier AB-23
24 Phase Locked Loop (FM Demodulator & Frequency Divider /Multiplier) AB-25
25 Voltage Controlled Oscillator AB-27
26 Multivibrators (Astable/Monostable) AB-28
27 F-V and V-F converter AB-29
28 V-I and I-V converter AB-30
29 Zener Voltage regulator AB-31
30 Transistor series voltage regulator AB-32
31 Transistor shunt voltage regulator AB-33
32 DC Ammeter (200 mA) AB-35
33 DC Ammeter (2,20 mA) AB-36
34 DC Voltmeter (200 mV, 2V, 20V,200V) with 9V Battery AB-38
35 Instrumentation amplifier AB-39
36 Window Comparator AB-40
37 Transistorized Differential amplifier AB-41
38 Op-Amp (Inverting/Non inverting/Differentiator) AB-42
39 Operational Amplifier (Adder/Scalar) AB-43
40 Operational Amplifier (Integrator/Differentiator) AB-44
41 Schmitt Trigger and Comparator AB-45
42 Transistor as a switch AB-46
43 M-Derived  band pass and band reject filter AB-47
44 M-Derived filter AB-48
45 K-Derived filter  (T & Pi) AB-49
46 Passive Attenuator (p / T / Bridge p) AB-50
47 Active filters, (Low Pass and High Pass) AB-51
48 Active Band Pass Filter AB-52
49 Notch Filter (active + passive) AB-53
50 Chebyshev filter AB-54
51 Fiber Optic Analog Link AB-56
52 Owen's bridge AB-57
53 Anderson’s bridge AB-58
54 Maxwell's inductance bridge AB-59
55 Kelvin's bridge AB-60
56 RC coupled feedback amplifier AB-64
57 Phase Shift Oscillator AB-65
58 Wien Bridge Oscillator AB-66
59 Colpitt’s Oscillator AB-67
60 Hartley oscillator AB-68
61 Clapp Oscillator AB-69
62 RLC series and parallel resonance AB-80
63 Kirchoff's Laws AB-81
64 Thevenin's and Maximum power transfer Theorem AB-82
65 Reciprocity and superposition Theorem AB-83
66 Tellegen's Theorem AB-84
67 Norton's theorem AB-85
68 Voltage multiplier AB-87
69 Diode clipper AB-88
70 Diode clamper AB-89
71 Two port network parameter AB-90
72 Optical Transducer (Photovoltaic cell) AB-91
73 Optical Transducer (Photoconductive cell/LDR) AB-92
74 Optical Transducer (Photo Transistor) AB-93
75 Temperature Transducer (RTD & IC335) AB-96
76 Dual Channel analog Signal Analyzer AB-100
77 DSB Modulator and Demodulator AB-101
78 SSB Modulator and Demodulator AB-102
79 FM Modulator and Demodulator AB-106
80 Log and antilog amplifier AB-110
81 OP-Amp based Op-amp AB-111
82 Peak detector AB-112
83 Voltage Follower AB-113
84 Sine, Cosine Oscillator (using OP-Amp) AB-115
85 Diode Transistor Logic AB-116
86 Transistor Transistor Logic AB-117
87 Resistor Transistor Logic AB-118
88 Resistance Bank AB-120
89 Capacitance Bank AB-121
90 Transistor Bank AB-122
91 Diode Inductance AB-123
92 Power Supply for Analog Boards ( +/- 12V/200mA, +/- 5V/200mA ) AD-01

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