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Bio-Medical Instrumentation Lab


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Exp Trainer


1 To Study ECG Machine (Single channel or Multi channel) ECG100
2 Interface of PC Simulated waveform with ECG Machine ECG100S
3 ECG -QRS Detector + Counter to display Heart Rate HRATE100
4 Heart Pulse Rate Measurement Trainer PRATE100
5 Pacemaker Trainer PACE100
6 Blood Pressure Measurement Trainer - Analog BPR100
  Blood Pressure Measurement Trainer - Digital BPR100DIGI
7 Electro-Encephalograph (EEG) Trainer EEG100
  Electro-Myograph (EMG) Trainer EMG100
8 Body Temperature Measurement using Digital Clinical Thermometer BTEMP100
9 Measurement of Concentration using Spectrophotometer SPECTROPH100
10 To Study Blood Cell Counter BCC100
11 Study of Bedside Monitor, Drip Rate Monitor (ICU Monitor) ICU100
12 Blood pH Meter PHMET100
13 Study of Dialysis System DIALYSIS100
14 Study of Clinical Lab Instrumentation CLINIINS100
15 Study of Laser Treatments in Medicines LASERTREAT100

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