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Computer Communication Network Lab

  LAN  ( Local Area Network) Trainers Pdf Specs  
1 Serial Port - COM1 Networking  (RS232) COM1N100  
2 Serial Port Data Communication  (RS232) COM1N100  
3 UART Data Communication Trainer UART100  
4 Parallel Port - LPT1 Networking LPTN100  
5 RJ45 Port Networking RJ45N100  
6 Set up and study NULL modem connection between two computers RJ45N100  
7 USB Port Networking USBN100  
8 Firewire IEEE1394 Port Networking FIRENET100  
9 Null Modem Networking Trainer NMODEM100NT  
10 Data Communication Trainer DATACOM100  
11 Advanced Data Communication Trainer DATACOM200  
12 All Networking Trainer NET100  
13 Personal Area Network (PAN)  Networking Trainer PAN100  
14 LAN Trainer LAN100S  
15 LAN Trainer with Simulation Software LAN100SS  
16 LAN Trainer LAN100G  
17 LAN Trainer (With three Computer systems) LAN100  
18 Network Simulation Trainer - Single User License LAN100SS1  
19 Network & Internet Security Trainer System LANINS100  
20 LAN - WAN Trainer LANWAN100  
21 Network Exchange Experiment Hightech Trainer HT11809B  
22 Ethernet LAN Networking Trainer LAN100ETH  
23 Fast Ethernet LAN Networking Trainer LAN100FETH  
24 Gigabit LAN Networking Trainer LAN100GIGA  
25 10GB LAN Trainer - SERDES (Serializer / Deserializer) LAN1000G  
26 ATM LAN Networking Trainer ATM100  
27 x.25 LAN Networking Trainer     X25100  
28 Frame Relay LAN Networking Trainer FRM100  
29 SS7 LAN Networking Trainer SS7100  
30 FDDI LAN Networking Trainer                    FDDI100  
31 Token Ring LAN Networking Trainer            TOKEN100  
32 Virtual LAN (VLAN) Networking Trainer VLAN100  
33 Virtual Private Networking (VPN)  Networking Trainer VPN100  
34 Storage Area Network (SAN)  Networking Trainer SAN100  
35 Network Attached Storage (NAS) Trainer NAS100  
36 VC (Video Conferencing) Trainer VC100  
37 TV Video Conferencing Trainer TVVC100  
38 Jini Network Technology Trainer JINI100  
  Server Trainers    
39 DNS Server DNS100  
40 FTP Server FTP100  
41 Web Server WEB100  
42 Proxy Server PROXY100  
43 IIS Server IIS100  
44 IAS Server IAS100  
45 Telnet Server TELNET100  
46 RAS Server RAS100  
47 DHCP Server DHCP100  
48 Exchange Server EXCH100  
49 RAID Server RAID100  
50 Site Server SITE100  
51 Index Server INDEX100  
52 Communication Server COMMSR100  
53 Oracle Server ORACLE100  
54 All Server Trainer SERVER100  
55 Network and Internet Security Trainer LANINS100  
56 Computer Protocols Analyser PROTO100  
57 Protocol Analyser software PROTO100S  
58 To study and perform Asynchronous data transfer ATM100S  
59 To study Synchronous data transfer protocols STM100S  
60 Network Simulator Trainer - NetSim NETSIM100  
61 TCP IP Trainer TCPIP100  
62 Study of TCP/IP protocol TCPIP100TH  
63 OSI Trainer OSI100  
64 IP Routing Trainer IPROUTE100  
65 Study of ATM ATM100TH  
66 Study of RS 232 and ISDN standard COM1ISDNTH  
67 LAN Topology Trainer LANT100S  
68 Network Topologies and Copper Cabling Trainer LAN100E  
69 Network Cabling Trainer NTCABLE100  
70 Networking Interface Trainer NETINT100  
71 Power Over Ethernet LAN Networking Trainer POE100  
72 Network Neighborhood Trainer NNN1000  
(2) WAN  ( Wide Area Network) Trainers    
73 Wide Area Networking Trainer (PSTN) WAN100  
74 ISDN WAN Networking Trainer ISDNWAN100  
75 ADSL WAN Networking Trainer ADSLWAN100  
76 Fiber Optic WAN Networking Trainer FOTWAN100  
77 E1/T1 Line WAN Networking Trainer E1T1WAN100  
78 CAN (Campus Area Network) Trainer CAN100  
79 MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) MAN100  
(4) Internet Trainers    
80 Internet Trainer INTERNET100  
81 Intranet Trainer                                INTRANET100  
82 Extranet Trainer                                EXTRANET100  
83 Internet Experiment Development System Hightech Trainer HT11815B  
(5) Power Line Network Trainers    
84 Power Line Networking Trainer  - HPAN HPAN100  
85 Broadband Over Power Line (BPL) Networking Trainer BPL100  
(6) Phone Line Network Trainers    
86 Phone Line Networking Trainer - HPLUG HPLUG100  
(7) Cable Line Network Trainers    
87 Cable Modem Trainer CABLEMOD100  
88 Leased Line Networking Trainer LSLINE100  
89 E1 Line Networking Trainer E1-100  
90 T1 Line Networking Trainer T1-100  


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