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Computer Hardware  Lab

  Computer Hardware Trainers Pdf Specs  
1 Basic Computer Trainer COMP100  
2 Multimedia Computer Trainer COMP101  
3 Computer Peripherals Trainer COMP102  
4 Notebook Computer Trainer COMP103  
5 Personal Computer Trainer PC100  
6 Computer Maintenance Trainer COMP102G  
  Computer Parts Trainers    
7 Mother Board Trainer with CPU, Memory MB100  
8 Hard Disk Trainer HDD100  
9 Floppy Drive Trainer FDD100  
10 CD ROM Trainer CD100  
11 DVD ROM Trainer DVDROM100  
12 CD Writer Trainer CDR100  
13 DVD Writer Trainer DVDR100  
14 SMPS Power supply Trainer CSMPS100  
15 Colour Monitor Trainer MONTC100  
16 LCD Monitor Trainer LCD100  
17 Monochrome Monitor Trainer MONTB100  
18 Keyboard Trainer KB100  
19 Wireless Keyboard Trainer WKB100  
20 Mouse Trainer MOUSE100  
21 Cordless Mouse Trainer CRDMOUSE100  
22 Optical Mouse Trainer OPMOUSE100  
23 Pen Drive /Flash Drive Trainer PEN100  
24 DeskJet Printer Trainer DESKPRN100  
25 Dot Matrix Printer Trainer DOTPRN100  
26 Laser Printer Trainer LASERPRN100  
27 Bubble Jet Printer BUBBLE100  
28 Scanner Trainer SCAN100  
29 ALL-IN-One MFD (Multi Function Device) Trainer ALLINONE100  
30 Modem Trainer                                      MODEM100  
31 Different Types Of Modems Dialup Modem, ADSL Modem, Wireless Modem MODEM200  
32 FSK Modem Trainer COM127  
33 PSK Modem Trainer COM127A  
34 Study of FSK modem for 8 channels PCM COM127P  
35 Hub Trainer HUB100  
36 Bridge Trainer BRIDGE100  
37 Switch Trainer SWITCH100  
38 Router Trainer ROUTER100  
39 Gateway Trainer GATE100  
40 Computer Sockets Display Board SKT100  
41 Computer Cables Display Board CABLE100  
42 Computer Converters Display Board CONVT100  
43 Peripherals Interface Trainer INTERFACE100  
44 PC Interface & Control Trainer PCINT100  
45 Motherboard Diagnostic Card DIAG100  
46 Bar code Reader Trainer BARCODER100  
47 Bar code Printer Trainer BARCODEP100  
48 Bar Code Scanning Technology Trainer BARCODE100  
49 Smart Card Trainer SMCRD100  
50 Finger Print Trainer FPT100  
51 Internet Tablet Trainer INTAB100  
52 Internet Camera Trainer INTCAMERA100  
53 Internet Video Phone Trainer INTVDPH100  
54 Surveyance System Camera Trainer SERVEY100  
55 KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) Switch Trainer KVM100  
56 Ethernet Transceiver Trainer TRANRX100  
57 PCMCIA to PCI Converter PCMCIAPCI100  

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