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Computer Software Lab

  Computer Software Trainers    
58 Operating Systems Trainer OS100  
59 Network Operating Systems Trainer NOS100  
60 Office Application Softwares Trainers OFFSW100  
61 System testing utilities Softwares Trainer UTIL100  
62 Multimedia Softwares Trainer MMSW100  
63 Internet Engineering/Applications Softwares Trainer INETSW100  
64 Web Design and Programming Softwares Trainer WEBSW100  
65 RTOS (Real Time Operating System) Trainer RTOS100  
66 E-Commerce and E-Business Trainer ECOM100  
67 M-Commerce (Mobile Commerce) Trainer MCOM100  
68 T-Commerce (Television Commerce) Trainer TCOM100  
69 E-Mail, V-mail, Fax-Mail, Video Mail Trainer MAIL100  
70 Remote Computer Controlling Trainer REMOTE100  
71 Computer Testing Utilities Trainer TEST100  
72 Virtual Reality (VRML) Trainer VR100  
73 Internet Hacking & Anti-Hacking Trainer HACK100  
74 Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Trainer - Software WAP100S  
75 Electronics Resource Planning (ERP) Trainer ERP100  
76 Customer Relational Management (CRM) Trainer CRM100  
77 Call Centers Trainer CALL100  
78 ISP and Portals Trainer PORTAL100  
79 Data Warehousing Trainer DW100  
80 Desktop Publishing (DTP) Trainer DTP100  
81 Graphics Design Trainer GD100  
82 Digital Sound Trainer DSOUND100  
83 Digital Photography Trainer DPHOTO100  
84 Multimedia Production & Animation Trainer MMANI100  
85 Video Production Trainer VIDEO100  
86 Speech Synthesis Trainer SPEECH100  
87 Virtual Office Trainer VOFFICE100  
88 Cyber Cafe Trainer                                 CCAFE100    

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