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Control Theory Lab

Control Trainers Pdf Specs
1 Open Loop Motor Speed Control                    CNT01  
2 Closed loop Control system                       CNT02  
3 Closed Loop Motor speed control                  CNT03  
4 Closed Loop P.I.D. Control System                CNT04  
5 Basic feedback control system                    CNT05  
6 Type '0' Control system                          CNT06  
7 Type '1' Control system                          CNT07  
8 Type '2' Control system                          CNT08  
9 Test signal generator for Type 0,1,2 systems     CNT09  
10 Type 0,1,2 systems with Test signal generator CNT09F  
11 Ratio Control system                             CNT10  
12 Rate Control system                              CNT11  
13 Series Control system                           CNT12  
14 Feed Forward Control system                      CNT13  
15 P Control system                    CNT14  
16 P. Temperature Control system CNT14T  
17 P-I Control system                   CNT15  
18 P-I Temperature Control system CNT15T  
19 P-D Control system                   CNT16  
20 P-D Temperature Control system                   CNT16T  
21 PID Control System                CNT17  
22 PID Temperature Control System CNT17T  
23 Lead-Lag Networks (Passive and Active)           CNT18  
24 Potentiometers and effect of Loading             CNT19  
25 Potentiometric as Error Detector Trainer CNT19S  
26 P.I.D. Control System Trainer - Temp. Process CNT20  
27 Bode Plot Trainer                             CNT21  
28 Linear System Simulator CNT22  
29 Control System Lab CNT100  
30 First and Second Order Control System CNTFS100  
31 Control process using ON-OFF controller CNT23A  
32 Control process using Composite controller CNT23B  
33 On/Off Sensors And Actuators Trainer CNT23C  
34 Relay Control System CNT24  
35 Digital Control System Trainer CNT25  
36 Compensating Circuits (Lag, Lead & Lag Lead) CNT26  
37 Compensation Designer. CNT27  
38 Pneumatic Actuator Trainer CNT28  
39 Pneumatic Trainer CNT29  
40 Advanced Pneumatic Trainer CNT30  
41 Electro Pneumatic Trainer CNT31  
42 Pneumatic Trainer ( Transparent Models ). CNT32  
43 Electric Actuator Trainer CNT33  
44 Pneumatic and PLC Training Table HT37703B1  
45 Pneumatic and PLC Training Table (Dual type) HT37703C1  
46 Pneumatic and Hydraulic Integrated Control Training Table HT37704A1  
44 Hydraulic Trainer CNT34  
45 Advance Hydraulic Trainer CNT35  
46 Electro Hydraulic Trainer CNT36  
47 Hydraulic Trainer ( Transparent Models ). CNT37  
48 Compressor (For Hydraulic Trainers ) CNT38  
49 Hydraulic Transmission and PLC Training Table HT37702B1  
50 Hydraulic Transmission and PLC Training Table (Dual-type) HT37702C1  
49 Study of Control Valve Dynamics CNT39  
50 Flow Control Loop Trainer - CNT40  
51 Flow Control System CNT41  
  a. Above system without DP transmitter, orifice & venturi meter CNT41A  
  b. Temperature control System CNT41B  
  c. Level Control System CNT41C  
52 Pressure Control Loop Trainer - CNT44  
53 Linear Control Simulator CNT45  
54 Process Simulator CNT46  
55 Process Controller Trainer CNT47  
56 Air Conditioning System Demonstrator AC100  
57 Intelligent Measurement and Control System Hightech Trainer HT12806B  
58 Automatic Control Principle Experiment Hightech Trainer HT13001B1  
59 Process Control Training Table HT13201B  
60 Fieldbus Advanced Process Control Training Table HT13202B  
61 Industrial Automation Communication Network Experiment Platform HT13003A  
62 Industrial Automation Communication Network Experiment Platform HT13003B  

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