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Electrical Engineering Lab

Electrical Engineering Trainers Pdf Specs
1 Basic Electricity Trainer ELE100S  
2 Electricity Lab ELELAB100  
3 Electrostatics Lab ELESLAB100  
4 Basic Electromagnetic Trainer BASICEM100  
5 Magnetism Lab MAGNETISM100  
6 Basic Electrical Power System Trainer ELEPOWER100  
7 Electric Line Power Circuit Trainer ELEPCKT100  
8 Electrical Machine Trainer EML100  
9 General Electrical and Electronic Experiment Trainer HT12903B1  
10 Intelligent Network Electrical and Electronic Trainer HT12903C1  
11 Electronic Control Assembly Training Table HT35601A1  
12 Electronic Control Assembly Training Table HT35601A2  
13 Electrician Training Cabinet  Single-side, Instrument Lighting) HT35602A1  
14 Electrician Training Cabinet (Single-side Electric Assembly) HT35602A2  
15 Electrician Training Cabinet (Dual-side Electric Assembly) HT35602B1  
16 Electrician Training Cabinet (Dual-side Instrument Lighting) HT35602B2  
17 Advanced Electrician Training Cabinet (Single-side) HT35602C1  
18 Advanced Electrician Training Cabinet (Single Side) HT35602C2  
19 Advanced Electrician Training Cabinet (Dualside Electric Assembly & Advanced) HT35602D1  
20 Advanced Electrician Training Cabinet (Dualside Instrument Lighting & Advanced) HT35602D2  
21 Motor Control Circuit Training Cabinet HT35602E1  
22 Advanced Electrician Technology Training Platform HT35603A1  
23 Electrician Technology Training Platform HT35603B1  
24 Conversion of Galvanometer into a ammeter EL101  
25 Conversion of Galvanometer into a voltmeter EL102  
26 Conversion of Galvanometer into ammeter/voltmeter EL103  
27 Study of constructional features of Moving Coil Ammeter EL104  
28 Study of constructional features of Moving Coil Galvanometer EL105  
29 Study of constructional features of Moving Coil Voltmeter EL106  
30 Study of Current Transformer (CT) Trainer  EL107  
31 Study of Potential Transformer (PT) Trainer EL108  
32 Study of Instrument Transformers (C.T. & P.T.) EL107-108  
33 Study of D'Arsonval Galvanometer  EL109  
34 To extend the range of given voltmeter and ammeter EL110  
35 Resistance Measurement of Series Shunt type ohmmeter EL111  
36 Characteristics of Single Phase Transformer EL121  
37 Characteristics of 3 Phase Transformer EL122  
38 Application of Tester and Test Lamp for fault finding EL123  
39 Assembling and dissembling of D. C. Machine EL124  
40 Assembling and dissembling of Single phase motor EL125  
41 Assembling and dissembling of single phase transformer EL126  
42 Assembling and dissembling of three phase induction motor EL127  
43 Calibration of Energy meter EL128  
44 Introduction to DOL starter with power circuit and its control circuit EL129  
45 STAR-DELTA starter with power circuit & control circuit EL130  
46 Tube light wiring, staircase wiring with fuse, MCB, ELCB EL131  
47 To measure voltage, current & power in Single phase circuit EL132  
48 Study of DC machine parts & their identification EL133  
49 Study of Single Phase Induction Motor EL134  
50 Study of DOL & Star-Delta Starter EL135  
51 Wiring Diagram of (a) Lamp Control from one place EL136  
52 Wiring Diagram of (b) Lamp Control from two places EL137  
53 Demonstration of MCB & ELCB EL138  

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