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Information Theory and Coding Techniques


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Exp Information Theory & Coding Techniques Simulation Software Trainer


1 Write a program for determination of various entropies and mutual information of a given channel. Test various types of channel such as


  a) Noise free channel.
  b) Error free channel
  c) Binary symmetric channel
  d) Noisy channel
2 Compare channel capacity of above channels.
Write a program for generation and evaluation of variable length source coding using C/MATLAB (Any 2)
  a) Shannon Fano coding and decoding
  b) Huffman Coding and decoding
  c) Lempel Ziv Coding and decoding
3 Write a Program for coding & decoding of Linear block codes.
4 Write a Program for coding & decoding of Cyclic codes.
5 Write a program for coding and decoding of convolutional codes
6 Write a program forcoding and decoding of BCH and RS codes.
7 Write a program to study performance of a coded and uncoded communication system (Calculate the error probability)
8 Write a simulation program to implement source coding and channel coding for transmitting a text file.
9 Implementation of any compression algorithm for either audio, image or video data.
10 Implement a model of communication system based on Spread Spectrum Communication System

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