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Instrumentation and Measurements Lab

1  Instrumentation Electronics Main Trainers  Pdf Specs
1 Instrumentation Trainer INSDM100  
2 Transducer Trainer TRANS100  
3 Sensor Trainer SENSOR100  
4 Sensor and Transducer Interfacing Trainer INSPC100  
5 Digital Instrumentation TUTOR-1 INS01  
6 Digital Instrumentation TUTOR-2 INS02  
7 Digital Instrumentation TUTOR-3 INS03  
8 Digital Instrumentation TUTOR-4 INS04  
9 Digital Instrumentation Trainer INS200  
2 Temperature Measurements Trainers    
12 Temperature Transducer Trainer TEMP100  
13 Measurement & Control of Temperature using RTD TR01  
14 Measurement of Temperature using RTD TR01A  
15 Characteristics of RTD TR01CH  
16 Measurement & Control of Temperature using Thermocouple TR02  
17 Measurement of Temperature using Thermocouple TR02A  
18 To draw the characteristics of K type Thermocouple TR02B  
19 Characteristics of Thermocouple TR02CH  
20 Characteristics of K type Thermocouple TR02KTH  
21 Measurement of e.m.f. with Thermocouple TR02M  
22 Measurement & Control of Temperature using Thermistor   TR03  
23 Measurement of Temperature using Thermistor TR03A  
24 Characteristics of Thermistor TR03CH  
25 Temperature ON-OFF Controller with Thermister TR03C  
26 Application of Thermistors TR03D  
27 Measurement & Control of Temperature using Semiconductor Sensor  TR04  
28 Measurement of Temperature using AD590 IC Sensor TR04A  
29 Characteristics of IC Temperature sensor (LM335) TR04B  
30 Measurement & Control of Temperature using SCR          TR05  
31 Measurement of Temperature using Radiation Sensor TR05A  
32 Measurement of Temperature using Photo Transistor TR05B  
33 Measurement & Control of Temperature using Microprocessor TR05C  
34 Measurement of Temperature using Pyrometer TR05D  
35 Temperature control using 555 and LDR           TR48  
36 Setting up of a thermostat: Constant temperature bath THSTAT100  
37 Digital Temperature Indicator DTEMP100  
3 Displacement Measurements Trainers    
38 Measurement of Displacement using LVDT                  TR06  
39 Measurement of Force by LVDT TR06A  
40 Characteristics of LVDT                  TR06CH  
41 Measurement of Displacement using Inductive Transducer  TR07  
42 Measurement of Displacement using Resistive Transducer TR08  
43 Measurement of Displacement using LDR TR08A  
44 Linear Pot Instrumentation Trainer TR08B  
45 Measurement of Angular Displacement using Capacitive Transducer TR09  
46 Capacitive Linear Transducer Instrumentation Trainer TR09A  
47 Measurement of Angular Displacement using Potentiometric Transducer TR10  
48 Measurement of Angular Displacement using Resistive Transducer TR10A  
4 Load, Strain, Pressure, Force Measurements Trainers    
49 Measurement of Load using Strain gauge transducer     TR11  
50 Characteristics of Strain gauge           TR11CH  
51 Measurement of Pressure using Pressure transducer       TR12  
52 Calibration of pressure gauge by using Dead weight pressure Gauge tester TR12A  
53 Measurement of Load using Strain gauge with Load Cell transducer TR13  
54 Measurement of Force using Force transducer             TR14  
55 Measurement of Pressure using Bourdon Tube TR52  
56 Calibration of Pressure Gauge or Pressure Transmitter Using Manometer TR53  
57 Differential Pressure Transducers Trainer TR62  
5 Speed Measurements Trainers    
58 Measurement of Speed using Opto transducer              TR15  
59 Measurement of Speed using Inductive pick-up transducer TR16  
60 Measurement of Speed using Magnetic pick-up transducer TR17  
61 Measurement of Speed using Photo Reflective transducer  TR18  
62 Measurement of Speed using Capacitive Proximity sensor  TR19  
63 Speed Measurement using Stroboscope TR19A  
64 Speed Measurement using Tachometer TR19T  
65 Measurement of Speed using Different Transducer TR19D  
66 Opto-transmitter and receiver Trainer         TR42  
67 Measure the speed of a Table Fan using Stroboscope TR61  
68 To study and demonstrate proximity sensors TR16-19  
6 Level Measurements Trainers    
69 Measurement & control of Level using Capacitive transducer TR20  
70 Measurement & control of Level using Inductive transducer TR21  
71 Water level controller using Metallic sensor           TR22  
72 Level measurement using Air purge system TR22A  
73 Liquid level controller using Photo-Electric sensor     TR23  
74 Liquid level controller using IC 555 TR23A  
75 Liquid level controller using Capacitive transducer TR23B  
76 Measurement of Level using Ultrasonic level meter TR23C  
77 Electronic Level Controller Demonstration Unit with Pump TR23D  
78 Water level controller using IC741 TR23E  
79 Fluid Level Transducers Trainer TR63  
80 Level switch design using Float TR75  
7 Light Measurements Trainers    
81 Measurement of Intensity of Light using LDR TR24  
82 Measurement of Intensity of Light using LDR & Photocell TR24A  
83 Optical Transducer Trainer  TR25  
8 Distance Measurements Trainers    
84 Measurement of Distance using Ultrasonic transducer     TR26  
9 Conductivity, PH Measurements Trainers    
85 Measurement of Conductivity using Conductivity cell     TR27  
86 Measurement of PH using Combination Electrode           TR28  
10 Flow Measurements Trainers    
87 Measurement of Flow using Rotometer Flow transducer TR29  
88 Measurement of Flow by Orifice TR29A  
89 Measurement of Flow Venturi Tube TR29B  
90 Measurement of Flow using Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter TR29C  
91 Characteristics of Anemometer for wind flow measurement TR29E  
92 Measurement of Flow by Rota Meter / Orifice / Venturi Meter. TR29F  
11 Humidity Measurements Trainers    
93 Measurement of Humidity using Humidity Sensor TR30  
94 Measurement of Humidity using hygrometer TR30A  
12 Vibration, Torque Measurements Trainers    
95 Measurement of Torque using Torque transducer TR31  
96 Torque Measurement using Strain gauge Transducer TR31A  
97 Vibration Measurement using Piezo Electric Transducer TR33  
98 Vibration Transducer : Study. TR33A  
99 Piezo Electric Transducer TR50  
13 Hall Effect Trainers    
100 Hall Effect sensor Study and Characteristics    TR32  
101 Hall Effect transducer Trainer TR32A  
102 Magnetic Flux meter Trainer                     TR41  
103 Hall Probe ( Magnetic Flux Density): Study TR41A  
104 Magnetic Crack Detection Demonstrations Trainer CRACK100  
14 Solar Trainers    
105 Solar Cell application Trainer TR36  
106 Solar Photovoltaic Cell Demonstration TR37  
107 Solar Photoconductive Cell Demonstration TR37A  
15 Velocity Measurements Trainers    
108 Velocity transducer Study and Characteristics   TR59  
109 Air Velocity Transducer: Study TR59A  
110 Air Velocity ( Flow) Transducer: Study TR59B  
111 Air Flow Measurements Trainer TR64  
16 Vacuum Measurements Trainers    
112 Vacuum Measurement using McLeod Gauge TR60  
113 Vacuum Measurement with Vacuum gauge Transducer TR60A  
17 Bar Graph, X-Y Trainers    
114 Bar Graph Display Trainer TR57  
115 Strip Chart Recorder Trainer TR58  
116 X-Y Recorder Trainer XY100  
117 Graphic Recorders GRXY100  
118 Bar graph V-Meter TR67  
18 Rotary Encoder Trainers    
119 Rotary Encoder transducer Characteristics TR40  
120 Rotational Position Encoders Trainer TR66  
121 Displacement or Position using Measurement using Rotary Transducer TR72  
20 Fuzzy Electronics Trainers    
127 PID/Fuzzy Logic Process Control Trainer TR71  
128 Fuzzy logic Controller Trainer FUZZY100  
129 Washing Machine Simulator TR69  
21 Voltage Measurements Trainers    
130 Measurement of RMS voltage                    TR46  
131 Measurement of RMS voltage                    TR46A  
132 Measurement of Average voltage                TR47  
133 Measurement of Peak voltage TR48  
134 Measurement of Peak voltage TR48P  
135 R.M.S. & Average Values of Rectified Voltage TR46-47  
136 Peak & Average Voltage Determination in an AC Circuit with P.S. and 2 meters TR46-47M  
137 Study of Semiconductor Diode Voltmeter TR45  
138 Relationship between A.C. and D.C. voltage and efficiency, voltage ratio TR46-48  
22 Other Measurements Trainers    
139 Measurement of Viscosity Trainer TR34  
140 Measurement of Density Trainer TR35  
141 Four probe method for Resistivity measurement RESTI100  
142 I to P Converter TR38  
143 P to I Converter TR39  
144 Study Characteristics of Accelerometer TR54  
145 Reed Relay demonstrator TR56  
146 Linear Motor Control Trainer TR65  
147 4 - 20 mA transmitter using Bridge type Transducer TR66  
147 Sensor Technology Experiment Hightech Trainer HT12801B  
148 Sensor Technology Experiment Table HT12802B  
149 Photoelectrical Sensor Technology Experiment Table HT12803B  
150 Sensor Detect Technology Comprehensive Experiment Table HT12805B  
151 Acoustic Transducer Trainer ACOSTIC100  



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