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Instruments Trainers Lab

Instruments Trainers Pdf Specs
1 CRO Trainer                               CRODM100  
2 DSO Applications Demonstration Trainer DSO100S  
3 Analog Multimeter Trainer                    AMMDM100  
4 VTVM Trainer                               VTVM100         
5 AC millivoltmeter Trainer                    ACMVDM100    
6 Digital panel meter Trainer                  DPMDM100       
7 Digital multimeter Trainer  - LED version   DMMDM100      
8 Digital multimeter Trainer  - LCD version  DMMDM101     
9 Digital Voltmeter Trainer DVMDM100  
10 2 Digit AC / DC Voltmeter Trainer DVMACDC100  
11 Analog frequency counter Trainer             AFCDM100       
12 Digital frequency counter Trainer         DFCDM100      
13 Digital LCR-Q meter Trainer                    LCRDM100      
14 Digital Capacitance meter Trainer            DCAPDM100    
15 Sine/square generator Trainer                SINSQDM100  
16 AM/FM signal generator Trainer               AMFNSGDM100  
17 RF signal generator Trainer                  RFSGDM100       
18 Pulse generator Trainer                      PULGNDM100      
19 Function generator Trainer                   FGDM100  
20 Pattern generator (monochrome) Trainer       PGDM100  
21 Distortion factor meter Trainer              DFCTDM100       
22 AF Oscillator Trainer                         AFOSCDM100         
23 Transistor tester Trainer                    TRTSTDM100      
24 Transistor Analyzer TRANA100  
25 Signal tracer Trainer                        SGTRDM100       
26 Signal injector Trainer                        SIDM100         
27 Audio power meter Trainer                    ADPWDM100  
28 Digital IC tester Trainer                    DICTESDM100    
29 Automatic voltage stabilizer Trainer         AVSDM100        
30 Servo stabilizer Trainer                     SSDM200  
31 CVT (Constant Voltage Transformer) Trainer CVT100  
32 UPS Trainer UPS100   
33 Digital Power Supply Demonstrator DRPS100  
34 Relay type AC Voltage Stabilizer Trainer SSDM101  
35 Electronic Energy Meter Trainer EEM100  
36 Wattmeter Trainer WATT100  
37 Tachometer TECHO100  
38 FET Voltmeter Trainer FET100  
39 Wave Meter Measurement WAVE100  
40 Logic Analyser Trainer LA100  
41 Gauss Meter Trainer GAUSS100  
42 To analyze analog and digital multi meter for various measurements DMMAM100  
43 Megger MEGGER100  
44 Ohmmeter OHM100  
45 Cable Fault locator CFL100  

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