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Mobile Communication and Network Lab

    Pdf Specs
1 2G Mobile LAB  
1 Mobile Trainer MOBILE100
2 Table Trainer TABLET100
3 Mobile Trainer with Camera MOBILE100C
4 GSM AT Commands Trainer GSM100AT
5 CDMA Trainer - VLSI Based CDMA100
6 CDMA Trainer - Descrete ICs Based CDMA100L
7 2 Channel CDMA Trainer CDMA100-2U
8 CDMA with Bit Error Measurement Trainer CDMA100B
9 CDMA Mobile Transmitter Receiver System Trainer CDMA100R
2 2.5G Mobile LAB  
10 GRPS Trainer GPRS100
11 GPRS Networking Trainer GPRSNET100
12 2.5G Mobile Transmitter Receiver System Trainer- OpenBTS 2.5G-OPENBTS100
3 3G Mobile LAB  
13 3G Mobile Trainer 3GMOBILE100
14 3G Networking Trainer 3GNET100
15 3G AT Commands Trainer 3GUMTS100AT
16 3G Mobile Transmitter Receiver System Trainer- OpenBTS 3G-OPENBTS100
4 4G Mobile LAB  
17 4G Mobile Trainer 4GMOBILE100
18 4G Networking Trainer 4GNET100
19 4G AT Commands Trainer 4GLTE100AT
20 4G LTE Mobile Transmitter Receiver - Real Time System Trainer 4GLTE100
21 4G WIMAX Transmitter Receiver - Real Time System Trainer 4GWIMAX100
22 4G VOIP SIP Softswitch Trainer VOIPSW100
5 5G LAB  
23 5G Massive MIMO Trainer 5G-MU-MIMO100

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