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Power Electronics Lab

1  Power Electronics Main Trainers  Pdf Specs  
1 Power Electronics Characteristics Trainer -Diac, Triac, UJT, SCR PEDM100     
2 Power Electronics Characteristics Trainer -Diac, UJT, PUT PEDM100B   
3 Power Electronics Characteristics Trainer -Triac, SCR, MOSFET, IGBT                      PEDM100N  
4 Power Electronics Characteristics Trainer -Diac, Triac, SCR, MOSFET, IGBT                          PEDM100M  
5 Power Electronics Characteristics Trainer -Diac, Triac, SCR, UJT, MOSFET, IGBT PEDM100AD  
6 Characteristics of UJT, FET, SCR, SUS, SBS, TRIAC, DIAC PEDM100L  
7 Power Electronic Design Trainer - 3 Bread Board PEDM200  
8 Power Electronic Design Trainer - 2 Bread Board PEDM200M  
9 Power Electronic Design Trainer - 1 Bread Board PEDM200L  
10 Thyristor Application Trainer THY100  
11 Thyristor Application Trainer THY100L  
12 IGBT Trainer                         IGBT100  
13 IGBT MOSFET Trainer                                IGBTMOS100  
14 SCR Applications Trainer SCR100  
15 Industrial Electronics Trainer IEDM100  
16 Power Electronic Lab PEDM100S  
17 Power Electronics Trainer (All Firing Circuit Circuits) POWER100  
18 Power Electronics Trainer with different plugin Panels POWER200  
  Power Semiconductor Devices Panel POWER200-P3  
  Power Semiconductor Application Panel POWER200-P20  
  Control Inverter Panel POWER200-PE1  
  DV/DT Limitation Panel POWER200-PE2  
  SCR Application Panel POWER200-PE3  
  Addon PMDC DC Motor with techogenerator & loading for closed Loop Control POWER200-PMDC  
  DMDC 48V Motor for chopper experiment POWER200-DCMT  
19 Three Phase Lab 3PHLAB100  
  Three Phase Low Voltage P. Supply 3RPS1  
  Three Phase Supply Configuration 3RPS2  
  Three Phase Rectifiers 3RPS3  
20 High Voltage Power Electronics Lab PEHIGH100  
21 Power Electronic Lab PEDM100S  
  Ready to Use Boards for Power Electronic Lab    
  1. UJT characteristics     PE-01  
  2. MOSFET characteristics     PE-02  
  3. SCR characteristics     PE-03  
  4. TRIAC characteristics     PE-04  
  5.DIAC characteristics     PE-05  
  6.IGBT Characteristics PE-06  
  7.PUT Characteristics PE-07  
  8.SCR Triggering Circuits PE-10  
  9,SCR Triggering (using UJT) PE-11  
  10.SCR Triggering (Using IC555) PE-12  
  11.SCR Triggering (Using IC74121) PE-13  
  12.Ramp and Pedestal Triggering PE-14  
  13.SCR Triggering by Op-Amp 741 PE-15  
  14.SCR Triggering by PUT PE-16  
  15.SCR Triggered by LDR PE-17  
  16.SCR Lamp Flasher PE-40  
  17.SCR Alarm Circuit PE-41  
  18.Series Inverter PE-42  
  19.UJT Relaxation Oscillator PE-43  
  20.Single Phase PWM Inverter PE-44  
  21.Power Supply for Power Electronics Boards ( + 35V, +15V 250mA) PD-01  
2 Characteristics Trainers    
22 Characteristics of DIAC                          THY01           
23 Characteristics of TRIAC                         THY02           
24 Characteristics of DIAC & TRIAC                  THY03           
25 Characteristics of SCR                       THY04           
26 Characteristics of PNPN Switch                   THY05           
27 Characteristics of Uni Junction Transistor (UJT)  THY06            
28 Characteristics of Programmable UJT (PUT)        THY07           
29 Characteristics of Photo-Transistor              THY08           
30 Characteristics of MOSFET                        THY09           
31 Characteristics of Enhancement type MOSFET THY09E  
32 Characteristics of Enhancement and Depletion Type MOSFETs THY09ED  
33 Characteristics of Power MOSFET                  THY10           
34 Characteristics of CSD MOSFET THY11  
35 Characteristics of CSE MOSFET THY12  
36 Characteristics of GTO THY13  
37 Characteristics of IGBT THY14  
38 Characteristics of SUS


39 Characteristics of SUB THY16  
40 Characteristics of SCS THY17  
41 Characteristics of Light Activated SCRs (LASCRs) THY18  
42 Characteristics of Reverse Conducting Thyristor (RCT) THY19  
43 Characteristics of Asymmetrical SCR (ASCR) THY20  
44 Characteristics of Integrated Gate-Commutated Thyristors (IGCTs) THY21  
45 Characteristics of MOS controlled Thyristors (MCTs) THY22  
46 Characteristics of Power Integrated circuits (PICs) THY23  
3 Thyristor Triggering / Firing Trainers    
47 SCR triggering using R Circuit SCR00  
48 SCR triggering using R-C Circuit SCR01  
49 SCR triggering using LDR                         SCR02  
50 SCR triggering using IC TCA 785                  SCR03  
51 SCR triggering using UJT relaxation oscillator              SCR04  
52 UJT & Pulse transformer trigger circuit for SCR  SCR05  
53 Line Synchronous UJT Firing Circuit SCR05A  
54 PUT trigger circuit for SCR                      SCR06  
55 Complementary Unijunction Transistor (CUJT)  trigger circuit SCR06A  
56 SCR Turn On methods SCR07  
57 SCR Triggering Circuits SCR08  
58 SCR Triggering Circuits - R, RC, UJT SCR08L  
59 Forced Commutation of SCR                        SCR09  
60 SCR Class - A Commutation SCR09A  
61 SCR Class - B Commutation SCR09B  
62 SCR Class - C Commutation SCR09C  
63 SCR Class - D Commutation SCR09D  
64 SCR Class - E Commutation SCR09E  
65 SCR Class - F Commutation SCR09F  
66 DV/DT limitation of SCR                          SCR10  
67 Di / Dt Limitation of SCR SCR10A  
68 SCR firing circuit using Cosine Wave SCR11  
69 SCR firing circuit using Opamp and gates        SCR12  
70 SCR firing circuit using Ramp Comparator SCR13  
71 RAMP & Pedestal Control of UJT SCR14  
72 SCR firing circuit using Photo Device - LDR SCR15  
73 SCR triggering using Opamp SCR16  
74 SCR triggering using IC 555 SCR17  
75 SCR triggering using 7421IC SCR18  
76 SCR triggering using  Digital Firing SCR19  
77 AntiParallel SCR firing circuit SCR20  
78 Phase Shift Pulse Generator for Phase Angle SCR21  
79 Triggering circuit for SCR & MOSFET SCR22  
80 Triggering of Triac using Diac SCR23  
81 Triac Triggering using R-C Circuit SCR24  
82 UJT Trigger Circuit using DIAC SCR25  
83 Triggering circuit of three phase half controlled bridge converter SCR26  
84 Triggering circuit of three-phase fully controlled bridge converter SCR27  
85 Microprocessor based firing circuit of converters using SCR SCR28  
86 Triggering & firing circuits for SCRs IGBTs / MOSFETs TRG100N  
87 All Firing Circuits for SCR FIRE100  
4 Rectifiers Trainers    
88 Single Phase Half Wave Rectifier Trainer RECT01  
89 Single Phase Full Wave Rectifier Trainer RECT02  
90 Single Phase Full Wave Bridge Rectifier Trainer RECT03  
91 Three Phase Half Wave Rectifier Trainer RECT04  
92 Three Phase Full Wave Bridge Rectifier Trainer (Polyphase Rectifier) RECT05  
93 Three Phase Half and Full wave Rectifier Trainer RECT04-05  
94 Single Phase Half Wave Controlled Rectifier using RC Triggering RECT06  
95 Single Phase Half Wave Controlled Rectifier Trainer RECT11  
96 Single Phase Full Wave Controlled Rectifier Trainer RECT12  
97 Single phase half wave and full wave Controlled rectifier using SCR RECT11-12  
98 Single Phase Half Control Bridge (Semi Converter) Rectifier Trainer RECT13  
99 Single phase half controlled bridge converter with R, RL, RLE Load RECT13N  
100 Single Phase Full Controlled Bridge Rectifier Trainer RECT14  
101 Single Phase full controlled bridge converter with R, RL, RLE Load RECT14N  
102 Single Phase half wave controlled symmetrical and Asymmetrical Bridge converter RECT14A  
103 Single Phase Controlled Rectifier with Ramp comparator Firing scheme RECT14B  
104 Single Phase Controlled Rectifier With Cosine Firing Scheme RECT14C  
105 Single Phase Converter Firing Techniques RECT14D  
106 Single Phase Half Wave & Full Wave Controlled Bridge Rectifier RECT13-14  
107 Three  Phase Half Wave Controlled Rectifier Trainer RECT15  
108 Three  Phase Full Wave Controlled Rectifier Trainer RECT16  
109 Three  Phase Half Control Bridge (Semi Converter) Rectifier Trainer RECT17  
110 Three  Phase Full Controlled Bridge Rectifier Trainer RECT18  
111 Single Phase HV Controlled Sym/Asym Bridge Converter RECT19  
112 Six Phase Half Wave Rectifier Trainer RECT20  
113 Three Phase Dual Converter Rectifier Trainer RECT21  
114 Single Phase Dual Converter Rectifier Trainer RECT21A  
115 Six-Phase Full-Wave Controlled Bridge Rectifier RECT21B  
116 SCR Converters and Reactive Loads RECT22  
117 Effect of free wheeling diode in Single phase Fully-Controlled Bridge Converter RECT23  
118 Determination of fusing characteristics and fusing factor of given fuse RECT24  
119 Trainer for resonant converter RECT25  
5 High Power Control Circuits    
120 1 Phase 15A Semiconverter with Firing CKT RECTHP01  
121 1 Phase 15A Full Converter with Firing CKT RECTHP02  
122 1 Phase 15A Semi 8. Full converter with Firing CKT RECTHP03  
123 3 Phase 6 SCR Bridge Firing Unit RECTHP04  
124 3 Phase 15A Semiconverter W/O Firing CKT RECTHP05  
125 3 Phase 15A Full converter W/O Firing-CKT RECTHP06  
126 3 Phase 15A Semi & Full converter w/o Firing CKT RECTHP07  
127 MOSFET Chopper with Firing Circuit (with 0.5 HP DC Motor & Tacho Generator) RECTHP08  
128 1 Phase Induction Motor PWM Control using MOSFETs & 0.5HP Motor RECTHP09  
129 3 Phase Induction Motor PWM control using IGBTs & with 0.5HP Motor RECTHP10  
130 Thyristor Controller Trainer with 0.1HP Universal and 0.5 HP 1 & 3 Phase Induction Motors RECTHP11  
6 Power Control Trainers    
131 Over voltage Crowbar protection using SCR        PWR01  
132 AC and DC Power control Trainer                  PWR02  
133 AC/DC voltage regulator using SCR PWR02A  
134 Solid state AC/ DC Power relay Trainer PWR02B  
135 AC Phase Control using SCR       PWR03  
136 AC Power Control using SCR       PWR03A  
137 Study of SCR & A.C. Phase Control with S, LH, HW PWR03ET  
138 AC Phase control using Diac and Triac            PWR04  
139 DC Regulated Power Supply using SCR              PWR05  
140 Single Phase SCR AC Voltage Controllers PWR05ET  
141 AC Regulated Power Supply using Triac              PWR06   
142 Study of Triac & A.C. Phase Control with TD PWR06ET  
143 Battery charger using SCR                PWR07  
144 Fan regulator using Diac and Triac               PWR08  
145 Lamp control (Dimmer) using Diac and Triac                PWR09  
146 Triac as Light Dimmer PWR09A  
147 Triac AC Line switching                          PWR10  
148 TRIAC Phase Control PWR10C  
149 Illumination Control Using SCR PWR11  
150 AC Phase control using Diac and Triac and UJT PWR12  
151 Study of regulator using Triac, anti parallel Thyristor and Triac & Diac PWR13  
152 Phase Shift Control RC Base Using SCR & Triac PWR14  
153 Study of TRIAC and AC Phase Control PWR21  
154 SCR Converters & Reactive Load Trainer PWR22  
155 Single Phase AC Regulator using IC 785 PWR23  
156 Single Phase AC Voltage controller ACREG100  
157 Three Phase AC controller with R load ACREG300  
158 Control speed of universal motor using AC voltage regulator ACREG101M  
159 SMPS Trainer SMPS100  
160 Buck converter Trainer BUCK100  
161 Boost converter Trainer BST100  
162 Buck- Boost converter Trainer BUCKBST100  
163 DC power supply Trainer using flyback converter - Isolated FLYBACK100  
164 Slip Power Recovery System SLIP100  
165 Study of ZCD ZCD100  
166 Online UPS Demonstration  Trainer UPSON100  
167 Off line UPS Demonstration Trainer UPSOFF100  
7 Inverters  Trainers    
168 Inverter using transistors                       INV01  
169 Inverter using Power MOSFET                     INV02  
170 1 Phase Bridge Inverter (MOSFET Based) INV02A  
171 Pulse Width modulated Inverter using transistor            INV03  
172 Pulse Width modulated Inverter using Power MOSFET INV03A  
173 DC to DC Converter                               INV04  
174 Series Inverter using SCR                        INV05  
175 Series Resonant Inverter INV05A  
176 Parallel Inverter using SCR                      INV06  
177 Parallel Resonant Inverter INV06B  
178 Single phase half bridge inverter INV07  
179 Single phase full bridge inverter INV07A  
180 Single phase inverter using a centre tapped transformer INV07B  
181 1 Phase SCR Bridge Inverter Using Micro Controlled based PWM circuit INV07M  
182 Mc-Murray Half Bridge Inverter INV08  
183 Mc-Murray inverter (1 phase thyristorised full bridge) INV08A  
184 Mc-Murray Bed ford inverter (1 phase thyristorised  full bridge) INV08B  
185 Single Phase Transistorized Bridge Inverter Trainer INV11  
186 Single phase Bridge Inverter using IGBT INV13  
187 DC to AC Inverter with Power Supply INV14  
188 Single phase PWM Converter with Power Supply INV15  
189 Current /Voltage Source Inverter INV16  
190 Inverter Trainer with Rechargeable Battery INV17  
191 Phase Voltage Source Inverter   (120 &180 mode) INV18  
192 Study of 3 Phase Bridge inverter INV19  
193 Study of 3-Phase PWM Bridge Inverter with IGBTs INV20  
194 Single-phase Voltage Source Inverter INV21  
195 Three-phase Voltage Source Inverter INV22  
196 Inverters and Converters Trainer INV23  
197 Single Phase Quasi Square wave / PWM bridge converter with R and RL Load INV100N  
8 Choppers and Cycloconverters  Trainers    
198 Chopper using SCR                               CHOP01  
199 Step down Chopper using MOSFET CHOP01N  
200 Morgan Chopper CHOP02  
201 Step down Chopper using IGBT CHOP02N  
202 Jones Chopper CHOP03  
203 Step-Up Chopper Trainer CHOP04  
204 Step- down Chopper Trainer CHOP05  
205 Step down & Step up transistor chopper CHOP04-05  
206 Power MOSFET Chopper CHOP06  
207 MOSFET, IGBT, Transistor & SCR based Step Down Chopper CHOP05S  
208 MOSFET, IGBT, Transistor & SCR based Step Up Chopper CHOP04S  
209 GTO Chopper CHOP07B  
210 IGBT Chopper CHOP07  
211 Voltage commutated thyristorised chopper  (Jones Chopper) CHOP08  
212 Voltage commutated chopper with 0.1 HP motor CHOP09M  
213 Current Commutated Thyristor chopper (Morgan Chopper) CHOP10  
214 DC to DC Chopper using Triac Trainer CHOP11  
215 2 -Quaderent Chopper CHOP12-2Q  
216 4-Quaderent Chopper CHOP12-4Q  
217 Step up & down DC to DC Converter using SCR CHOP13  
218 Chopper drive Trainer CHOP14  
219 Two/Four Quadrant Chopper CHOP15  
220 Series commutated thyristorised chopper CHOP16  
221 AC Chopper CHOP17  
222 DC & AC Chopper demonstration Trainer CHOP100  
223 Single Phase to Single Phase Cycloconverter Trainer CYCLO100  
224 Three Phase Cycloconverter Trainer CYCLO300       
225 3 Phase Cyclo Converter Using Micro - Controller. CYCLO300MC     
226 Three phase measurement system (star & delta)  STARDELTA100  
9 Industrial Timing Circuits Trainers    
290 Time Delay using 555                             IT01  
291 AC timer                                       IT02  
292 Timer using SCR & UJT                           


293 2 Digit Presettable Timer                        IT04  
294 Ultra Precise Long Time Delay Relay IT04A  
295 Ring counter using SCR                           IT05  
296 UJT controlled SCR time Delay circuit            IT06  
297 Delayed Automatic Power ON/OFF using SCR       IT07  
298 Traffic Light Indicator system Trainer           IT08  
299 Automatic sequence timer Trainer                 IT09  
300 Digital automatic sequence timer Trainer        IT10  
301 Sequential Light Trainer                         IT11  
302 Time delay relay using SCR                       IT12  
303 Thyristors (SCR)  Alarms                                IT13  
304 Level Alarm Trainer IT14  
305 Alarm & Annunciator Demonstrator. IT15  
306 Light Operated Switch using LDR & SCR IT16  
307 Sequence timer using SCR IT17  
308 SCR Ring Counter - Sequential Timer IT18  
309 Electronics Timer Trainer IT19  
310 Light Activated SCR characteristics IT20  
311 PIR Movement Detector ( Passive Infrared ). IT22  
312 Street Light controller using LDR and SCR IT23  
10 Industrial Applications Trainers    
313 Temperature Indicator and Control using SCR      PE01  
314 UJT relaxation Oscillator                        PE02  
315 Zero Voltage switching                           PE03  
316 Light and Sound operated Relay                   PE04  
317 Solid-state Relay                                PE05  
318 Automatic Voltage Stabilizer                     PE06  
319 Emergency Light using SCR PE07  
320 Burglar Alarm                                    PE08  
321 Smoke detector Demonstrator                      PE09  
322 Fire sensing system Demonstrator                 PE10  
323 Fire Alarm Demonstration Unit PE10L  
324 SCR Alarm Circuits PE11  
325 Lamp Flasher using SCR                           PE12  
326 DC Circuit Breaker using SCR                     PE13  
327 High frequency heating-Induction heating Trainer PE14  
328 High frequency heating-Dielectric heating Trainer PE15  
329 Resistance Welding Demonstrator                  PE16  
330 Ultrasonic transmitter/receiver Trainer (Remote) PE17  
331 Magnetic Amplifier                               PE18  
332 Study a sequence detector PE19  
333 P.F. improvement methods PE20  
334 Proximity Switch Using SCR PE21  
335 The Automatic night lighting controller Trainer PE22  
336 The Automatic night flasher Trainer PE23  
337 AC regulator using photo device PE24  
338 Single phase AC regulator with R load ACREG100N  
339 Three Phase AC controller with R load ACREG300  
340 AC to AC converter ACAC100  
341 SMPS Trainer SMPS100N  
342 MOSFET based SMPS Trainer SMPS101  
343 IGBT based SMPS Trainer SMPS102  
344 Study of UPS UPS100  
11 Hightech Trainers    
345 Power Electronics Technology Experiment Table HT13701B1     
346 AC/DC Speed Control System Experiment Table HT14001B1  
347 Motor and Towage Experiment Table HT14002B1  
348 Motor and Power Electronics Experiment Table HT14002C1  
349 Frequency Control Technology Training Platform HT35605A1  
350 Frequency Inverter (Mitsubishi) Control Technology Experiment Table HT35605B1  
351 Frequency Inverter (Omron) Control Technology Experiment Table HT35605C1  
352 DC Speed Control Technology Training Platform HT35606A1  
353 PLC, SCM, Driving Comprehensive Application Training Platform HT35607A1  
354 PLC, Stepper and Servo Control Comprehensive Application Experiment Table HT35607B1  
355 Network Inverter (Siemens) Control Technology Experiment Table HT35608A1  
356 Network Inverter (Mitsubishi) Control Technology Experiment Table HT35608B1  
357 Network Inverter (Omron) Control Technology Experiment Table HT35608C1  
358 Full Digital AC Speed Regulation Experiment Platform HT13002A  
359 Full Digital DC Speed Regulation Experiment Platform HT13002B  
360 Power Automation and Relay Protection Experiment Platform HT13801B  
361 Relay Characteristics and Relay Protection Experiment Platform HT13802B  
362 Power System Microcomputer Line Protection Experiment Platform HT13803B  
363 Power System Microcomputer Transformer Protection Experiment Platform HT13804B  
364 Electric System Dual Power Circuit Computer Protection Experiment Platform HT13805B  
365 Open Circuit Protection Dynamic Analog System Experiment Platform HT13806B  
366 Power System Comprehensive Automation Experiment Platform HT13901B  
367 Electrical Power System Monitor Experiment Platform HT13902B  
368 Power Plant Comprehensive Automation System Experiment Platform HT13903B  
369 Transformer Substation Comprehensive Automation System Experiment HT13904B  
370 Power Integrated Control Dispatching Automation System Experiment HT13905B  
371 Power Supply and Distribution Technology System Experiment Platform HT13906B  
372 Plant Power Supply and Distribution Automation System Experiment HT13907B  
373 Building Power Supply and Distribution Technology Experiment Platform HT13908B  
374 High Voltage Technology Experiment Platform HT13909B  
375 Solar Photovoltaic Power Experiment Platform HT13910B  

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