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Programming in C


Pdf Specs


"C" Programming  Simulation Trainer

1 Display hexadecimal, decimal, octal format of the entered numbers.


  Accept kilometer and convert it into meter, cm, inch and feet.
  Accept four digit number and find sum of individual digits and print it in reverse order
  To find the roots of quadratic equation
2 Demonstrate all possible formatting specifiers with there width and alignment options.
  Prepare salary statement and display on screen with proper formatting and alignments (Input name, basic salary, calculate various allowances such as DA, HRA, Conveyance and deductions such as income tax, Professional tax, provident fund and find net salary.
3 Find greatest/ smallest of 3 numbers. (use if, if else, nested if)
  Display pass class, second-class, first class, distinction according to the marks entered. ( use
switch, if else-if else ladder)
4 Display menu 1. Addition 2. Subtraction 3. Multiplication 4. Division and execute it using switch case.
  Write a program to calculate and print telephone bill or electricity bill.
5 Display our College name twenty times on screen.
  Display all even numbers from 1-100.
  Perform addition of 1-100 numbers.
  Print ASCII tables of alphabets use continue statements.
  Print prime numbers from 1 to 100 use break statements
6 Find smallest / largest number from array elements.
  Sort array elements in ascending / descending order.
7 Enter elements for 3X3 matrix and display them.
  Calculate addition / subtraction of 2 dimensional matrix.
  Calculate multiplication of 2 dimensional matrix.
8 Demonstrate output of standard library functions Strlen (), strcpy (), strcat (), strcmp ().
  Accept a string and arrange individual characters alphabetical order.
  Accept ten names of students and arrange them in alphabetical order
9 Calculate area of circle using function.
  Calculate factorial of any given number using recursion.
10 Demonstrate call by reference, call by value
  Maintain and manipulate student data using structure.
11 Draw concentric circle with different radius and colors and give appropriate heading using fonts and styles
  Draw different geometric shapes and fill it with different fill patterns and give appropriate heading using fonts and styles
12 Write a program to write and read text file
  Write a program to read numbers from file and print them in another file in ascending order.

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