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System Programming Lab


Pdf Specs

 Exp  System Programming Simulation Software Trainer


1 Write C Program to implement Lexical Analyzer for simple arithmetic operation which creates output tables (Uniform Symbol Table or a. Identifier Table b. Literal Table c. Symbol Table)


2 Design of PASS I of two pass assembler for pseudo machine code.
3 Design of a MACRO PASS-I
4 Implement Job scheduling algorithms: FCFS, SJF
5 Implement Bankers Algorithm for deadlock detection and avoidance
6 Implementation of page replacement algorithm: FIFO / LRU
7 Write an shell scripting on UNIX / LINUX
8 Case Study
  a) Android mobile operating system
  b) Study of System calls to list files, directories
  c) Study of System calls to handles process
  d) Basic Linux Commands

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