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Deep Learning Lab Trainers - DL




Model and PDF Specs


DL Lab Main Trainers


Artificial Intelligence Trainer - AI


Machine Learning Trainer - ML

3 Deep Learning Trainer - DL DL100
4 Natural Language Processing - NLP Trainer NLP100

DL Hardware Board Trainers

1 Raspberry AI Trainer RASPAI100
2 Jetson Nano AI Trainer JTNANOAI100
3 Google Coral AI Trainer CORALAI100
4 Asus Tinker AI Trainer TINKERAI100
5 Beaglebone AI Trainer BGLBONEAI100
6 Rock Pi N10 AI Trainer ROCKN10AI100
7 Jetson AGX AI Trainer JTXAVIERAI100
8 Jetson Orion AI Trainer JTORIONAI100
9 Hikeg 970 AI Trainer HIKEG970AI100

NVidea RTX4060 GPU AI Trainer

11 Google USB TPU AI Trainer GTPUAI100
12 Intel Neural Compute Stick 2 - NCS2 GPU AI Trainer NCS2AI100

DL Framework Trainers

1 Torch and Pytorch Framework Trainer PYTORCH100
2 TorchVision Framework Trainer TORCHVISION100
3 Caffe Framework Trainer CAFFE100
4 TensorFlow Framework Trainer TF100
5 Keras Framework Trainer KERAS100
6 CUDA-cuDNN Framework Trainer CUDA100
7 TensorRT Framework Trainer TENSORRT100
8 DL4J Framework Trainer DL4J100

DL Mathematics Trainers

1 Linear Algebra Trainer LINALGBR100
2 Calculus Trainer CALCULUS100
3 Statistics Trainer STATISTICS100

DL Networks Trainers

1 Neural Network Trainer NN100
2 Artificial Neural Network Trainer - ANN ANN100
3 Deep Neural Networks Trainer  - DNN DNN100
4 Convolutional Neural Networks Trainer  - CNN CNN100
5 Recurrent Neural Networks Trainer  - RNN RNN100
6 Generative Adversarial Neural Networks Trainer  - GEANN GEAN100
7 Graph Neural Networks - GAN


8 Multiple Neural Networks Trainer  - MNN


9 Transfer Learning Networks Trainer -TLN TLN100
10 Mask Convolutional Neural Networks Trainer  - M-CNN MCNN100

DL Applications Trainers

1 Single Shot Detector SSD Object Detection



DL Testing Platforms Trainers

1 Alexnet Trainer ALEXNET100
2 DarkNet Trainer DARKNET100
3 GoogelNet Trainer GOOGELNET100
4 Hydranets Trainer HYDRANETS100
5 ImageNet Trainer IMAGENET100
6 MobielNet V2 Trainer MOBIELNETV2100
7 MobileNetSS Trainer MOBILENETSS100
8 MxNet Trainer MXNET100
9 PoseNet Trainer POSENET100
10 SqueezeNet Trainer SQUEEZENET100
11 U-Net Trainer U-NET100
12 VGGNet Trainer VGGNET100
13 ResNet Trainer



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